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How Long for SERMs to Produce Sperm?

Hi guys. I’ve got a question.

I’m about to go back on trt after a few years off. Wife’s pregnant but we might want more in the future, so I’ve decided to freeze some sperm. Last I checked I had a normal/low-normal count and motility, and no reason to think it’s changed. I’m 36 and the wife is 38.

I’m going to save two batches of sperm in the next month, then I’ll go back on trt. I have one donation lined up in a week and another in 3 weeks.

I have some leftover clomid and nolva from an old prescription.
So, I’m wondering if a few weeks is enough to see a noticeable impact on sperm parameters?
I was thinking of a low dose; something like 10 mg nolva/day or up to 25 mg clomid/day but haven’t decided yet. Doesn’t seem like it could hurt.

Does anyone have any experience with using a SERM for sperm increase when still natural before trt? other thoughts or experiences?


TRT suppresses FSH, you can always inject HCG and FSH to increase sperm while on TRT.

I know. I’m still going to store some before going on.

I’m in Poland where it’s $100/yr to store, and we are going the IVF route anyways.