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How Long for Reduction in Volume?

Dr Darden,
Been more or less following the split routine from the new bodybuilding for old school results the one you put Keith Whitley on. You had him on the 6 day split for two weeks before dropping to 3 day full body. A few questions

  1. I’ve been on it for 4 weeks and now I am starting to feel less recovered. I’m assuming now would be a good time to make the switch to full body. I e been making g such good progress didn’t want to stop at two weeks. A mistake?? I’m still getting stronger each workout, but now noticing slower recovery

  2. Which routine from that book or the new high intensity training would you recommend I shift to. I do not want to do the contra lateral routine you had him move to.

  3. In general if progress is being made (more reps or weight each workout) should the routine ever be altered?

If you are still making progress, I’d stay with the same routine. Don’t change a thing.

When it does halt which routine do you recommend I look at?

List for me a routine that you believe might work and I’ll give you my opinion on it?

Have you thought about introducing a training shock?
As we get more advanced and move more loads they are more frequent
Another aspect is if you are not recovering well, how and how much are you resting?
And nutrition? have you varied foods? How about digestions?

A training shock. That’s a neat concept. Give me an example of what you’re talking about?

I wanted to say download, since when translated from Spanish to English it came out shock
Regarding the discharge, you can choose to take 7-10 days of absolute rest or if you want to continue training reduce the training volume by half, maintaining the intensity (weights)

I was thinking of a 3x per week pre ex routine of the following.

Nautilus flyes/nautilus press
Pullover machine/pulldowns
Db laterals/seated smith machine press
Negative only chins/ machine curls
Negative only dips/overhead bb extension
Vertical Leg press
Lying leg curl
Calf press
I am reducing workouts from 6x per week to 3x. And sets from an average of 4 per body part to 2
I am putting leg last and not pre exhausting as they are a strong body parts and not a priority.

I know you didn’t ask me. I do think it’s a very nice routine though. Building on what you’ve put together I would be looking at splitting workouts into the one you’ve listed (Workout A) and a second workout (Workout B) where I would aim to do a push / pull routine. Over two weeks the cycle of workouts would be:
Week 1: A-B-A
Week 2: B-A-B

Properly performed high intensity strength training is extremely demanding. I feel that constantly pre-exhausting every workout is too much.

I agree
We should stay 1 or 2 repeats of failure

I agree with Jeff. You need a B routine that involves push-and-pull movements with no more than 8 exercises in the entire workout.

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