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How Long for Normal Bloodwork After Blast and Cruise?

Hi, I know the answer is already somewhere on this site but I can’t find it. I’m on trt 120mg/week since a year. This summer I did a blast at 500mg/week for 10 weeks. I’m back at 120mg/week and I’m wondering how long do I need to wait for me to get normal bloodwork. Thank you

Months? Never? Who knows? There are far too many variables to consider. You’ve been shit down for a year. Some guys can bounce back to normal. Some guys are low for life after that. There’s just no way to know until you get into recovery.

What makes you ask? I’m curious about why you’re thinking about this after a year of TRT.

Exactly 45.5938281904928181884929394939 weeks

I think you don’t get my question. I’m on trt for life , I have hypogonadism and i’m on trt since a year. I did a blast to 500mg/week this summer. Now i’m back on 120mg/week (my trt dose) . I’m wondering how long before I can get bloodwork so my doc won’t notice I did a blast

Gotcha. Within four weeks I’d say you’re safe to get blood work done without any red flags in there. If it was back in the summer you’re almost certainly clear.

If you are on T cyp you reach steady state in 40 days. So that should work in reverse.
In 40 days at 120mg/wk you will be at your normal TRT dose.

If you took some other type of T you need to find out its half live and we can calculate the SS for you.

I’ve been on TRT for many years now and recently did 12 weeks at 500mg a week. It took me 4 weeks exactly to get back to a level that my doc didn’t notice a huge difference.