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How Long for Hemocrit to Drop Naturally?

How long does Hemoctrit take to drop naturally? Like if you drop your TRT dose to lower it or if a blast raises HTC how long would it take your body to lower it without donating blood?

I saw my hematocrit drop 3% just from the normal fluctuations testing twice within one week.

Lowering my dosage by 20% and also increasing injection frequency RAISED my hematocrit. Everyone’s different. And so many variables that can affect it. I believe it goes up right after an injection and slowly comes down daily until next injection. Once mine went from 58 to 53 in 3 days for no apparent reason.

Where does SL come up with this shit I thing he pulls it out of his ass. I had to drop my TRT dose from 120mg/wk to 80mg/wk and wait 8 months for my HCT to drop from 54 % to 49 % without donating. i could not donate because my ferritin was 45 and the bottom of the scale was 30.

I come up with this stuff on my labs, twice in one week, one 47% and the other 50%. Remember everyone’s is a little bit different.

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Well considering the life cycle of a red blood cell is about 120 days it takes at least that long, then whatever time it takes the body to adapt to a new dosage. Even right when lowered the body may continue cranking out cells. That being said hct can fluctuate a few % based on hydration, exercise and your body’s own oxygen saturation.

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