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How Long for HCG to Elevate Test Level?

Made my first 500iu hcg inection, dr. Orders.

Test is aroumd 275ng/dL without supplementation, how long before i feel.the affects approximately. Protocol is 2x per week

Hard to help without labs. HCG usefull if you are secondary hypogonadism. If its your balls not working hcg will not help with T production. HCG mimics LH which tells balls to make T. LH is sent out from the pituitary.

My test level went from 300 to 900 using clomid. I would expect hcg to work unless im missimg somethimg

HCG effect is almost instantaneous. what it will do it does right away. If your testicles are capable of producing testosterone and yours appear to be if Clomid worked. HCG will do what it will do now. How long before you feel affects of elevated testosterone depends on a lot of things and it’s very hard for me to tell you

Ok great info. I am also injecting subcutaneously into abdominal region

Im assuming since its expgeneous lh and fsh it shits the hpta down. What difference to my hpta would supplementimg test e while dpimg hcg monotherapy

I would like to quality that.

Yes the effects are instant. However if the testes have become smaller from a lack of LH receptor activity, introduction of hCG will for a period of time drive physical changes that have their own time line and T levels may be delayed.

250-300iu hCG subq EOD is good from a half-life perspective. 500iu injections might cause elevated E2 levels.


@KSman, should i expect my hpta to shutdown like if i was on a testosterone cycle?

Yes if T levels are significantly increased. However the testes are not shutdown with hCG.

With TRT and T+hCG the testes are not shutdown.

With T injections, LH/FSH drop very fast.

@ksman my physician (one specializing in imtegrative health) may not know that it shits down the hpta. How long is it safe to run hcg and still be able to restart the hpta?
Thanks for the help man

“How long is it safe to run hcg and still be able to restart the hpta?”

hCG prevent testicular shutdown, working for me 12 years now. The LH active lobe of hCG is functionally the same as the LH receptor active lobe of LH.

Most doc should understand shutdown. Many do not care about the consequences.

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Let me try to rephrase. Can you restart natural production of LH and FSH after 12 years of hcg?