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How Long for HCG Effects?


I am on TRT since over 3 years, pretty standard 150mg/week of cyp (2 x 75mg). I am also taking Anastrozole at 1mg/week.

One week ago I started with 500iu HCG E3D in order to reverse testicular atrophy. When can I expect to see first effects?




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For testicular atrophy, most report noticeable improvement within a couple of weeks. That would be my own personal experience as well, 200mg/week, after almost four years, noticed complete return of testicular size after one week with 350IU hCG 2/week. I used it for about six weeks in 2017, and did the same last year.

It might never return. I’ve been on HCG for five years, up to 3000 IU per week with TRT and atrophy didn’t reverse. It did give me a kid and another one due in August. :+1:

Thanks guys.

So far I have had no effects neither in size increasing nor in any other way…