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How Long for Gel to Take Effect?

Yes, I know that injections are better, but I just started gel for now and am wondering if anyone has had positive effects from gel and if so, how long did it take for you to feel the effect, especially libido wise? Thanks!

The usual story for gel is people feel a little better for 2-3 weeks while you’re getting gel + natural production. Once natural production stops things go downhill from there. Perhaps you’ll be one of the few with a better outcome.


I tried gel (Androgel), and started noticing the effects within a few days, particularly first on energy levels, then on appetite. It was so-so on libido but I think that was due to the lower strength relative to other TRT therapies. I was only able to get my total Testosterone around 500ng/dL on the gel.

Unfortunately it wasn’t strong enough relative to testosterone injections so over time I started feeling tired yet was still slathering a ton of gel on. I tried applying to just the shoulders/forearms (as per the directions), and separately tried the scrotum application. Not really supposed to do scrotum application with alcohol-based gels but I gave it a shot. I did feel more DHT effect from the gel than from injections, specifically around appetite/hunger and higher aggression (still manageable though, just an uptick). For me this didn’t translate much to libido though likely because overall testosterone levels were still a bit low.

If the gel doesn’t work for you and you don’t want to inject then you could try to find the compounded testosterone cream out there that is much stronger than the gel and has decent positive feedback. I’ve never tried the cream.

I noticed the effects of gels and cream immediately after application. The injections experience is no different. The libido happens in a few days upon first starting TRT. The benefits on the topicals is very short lived, my levels are only elevated for a couple of hours and can’t really get my levels high enough.

Gell will be very quick to act, but will never give you steady and optimal levels of testosterone. Most probably you will feel better the first few weeks before natural t shuts down

Very short half life and very variable absorbtion

Maybe never. I might be a rarity but it never worked for me. Started out on IM and had good T levels. Switched doctors and he put me on gel. After multiple tests and even doubling the dose…my testosterone is barely higher than it was when I was diagnosed with low-t.

I’m 310 on a double dose of gel now, was 220 when before I was diagnosed. Starting back on IM next week.

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I did a video explaining my experience with gel. Needless to say, all the guys I know who were on gel stopped after they watched that one.

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