How Long for Fertility to Return After TRT/HCG/Enclomiphene?

Im 28 Years old, have been on TRT for 9 months and attempting a restart for fertility purposes. so far Im 2 weeks in. I used HCG towards the last few week of Me running Test Cypionate. Then I started Clomid and Im 1 week in. How long should I expect it to take for me to regain fertility? could it happen this soon? I feel awful and cant wait to get back on TRT

It can take 6 months minimum to regain fertility for men on TRT for years, but could happen sooner since you weren’t on TRT very long.

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Difficult to say with certainty, but I have guys who have successfully conceived within two months of trying, both with hCG only and enclomiphene only.

Good luck.