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How Long for Contest Preparation?

what’s the best time to start your prep? I was thinking about competing for the first time after I finish my second bulk. I started working out 2 years ago. I bulked from 155 to 196, cut from 196 to 175 (in 90 days) and now I’m bulking back up. I’m hanging around 188-190 right now. (13-15 lbs in 5 months). Is 13-15 lbs too little for 5 months of bulking? I consistently track my calories, and I’ve hit my macros every single day for 5 months. I was told that with how much weight i’ve gained there’s very little muscle tissue. What are you guys thought on this? any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Picture is worth a 1000 words


And, whatever your friends told you, add 10-15 extra lbs of weight loss.


this post is utterly useless.

literally the only thing we need from you is a picture to determine how many weeks prep should be. Not your life story. not your height. not your weight. nothing but a picture. and please, no weird angles. one from the front, one from the side would be sufficient. needs to be full body. relaxed pose.

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In addition to the picture, do you want to win or do you just want to get on stage and not look completely out of place?


All great points being made. I’ll add:

-more time is better than less
(Less suffering, plus you always need to plan for Unexpected hiccups)

-stage lean is so far beyond “gym shredded”, so don’t take advice from friends who haven’t competed successfully (successfully!)

-photos trump actual stats, so get with 'em! -lol


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