How Long for Blood Work to Return to Pre-LGD?


I’m currently on TRT administering 100mg Cypinate/week divided into two 50mg injections. I’m going to start LGD after I get my next blood test to see where I’m at prior to starting LGD. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it would take after an 8 week cycle of 10MG oral LGD/day for my blood work to return to pre-LGD administration.



Takes about 2 weeks for my SHBG to come back after using any oral. So at least that long for your TT to normalize. I’d maybe give it 3-4 weeks just to be certain

Thanks, I had forgotten about ‘crushing’ the SHBG. I just watched another video that mentioned that. Good to know that comes back fast. How about the lipids? I’ve seen MPMD and other videos talking about a decreased HDL and increased LDL from LDG 4033. Also liver enzyme markers are supposed to take a hit? I’d like to know when this all returns to your pre-LGD levels. Also, I’m already on TRT so FSH & LH suppression isn’t an issue.


Likely individual and I have no idea.