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How Long for Anavar Results?


How long does anavar take to start feeling some gains or results. Also is 50 mg a day for 50 days a sufficient amount??


From your questions, it seems you have not researched properly.

Anavar isn't a great drug on its own.
50mg a day, will not do much for you.
Don't expect good results anytime soon!


Should see results within a few days, but that's mostly strength. You should also slowly put on some size during the course of the cycle.


50mg of VAR for 50 days = $$$$ Without knowing anything else including what type of results you seek my first thought is for less than half the $$ you spend on the VAR you could fund a very decent holistic cyle in ancillaries.


got the var for free should i pyramid it and up it 2 75 mg a day after this first week and do 75 mg a day for 3 weeks than dorp back down to 50 mg a day to finish off


If the Var is legit,you should see some noticable strength gains in 2 weeks. Once again,if it's legit 50mgs a day is plenty. I've had good results on as little as 30mgs a day. Don't expect a lot of mass on a Var only cycle though.


Conventional wisdom suggests that 60-80mg ED is the minimal dosage necessary to see real benefits with VAR. This might fly in the face of magick62d's experience but nevertheless.
Still unsure what you are seeking and expecting from VAR? And this is going to be a VAR only experience?


In my humble opinion you have no clue what you are talking about. 50mg of an oral steroid for 50 days.. regardless of price where did you come up with this "cycle".. And why Var. I dont see enough intellegence on AAS to give you sound advice.. Try reading up a bit on what you're using even though it probably is the mildest steroid around



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What's the smallest amount of test you could see adding in to the anavar for good results? I was reading on another forum about folks having nice results from VERY low dosages (approx. 200mg/week) of test with a decent dose of non-aromatizing anabolics like var, primo, or winstrol. Basically the idea is to control the inevitable HPTA shutdown from these other drugs but not go too much higher. Whaddya think?


200mg of Test a week will shut you down so there's not much point IMO in choosing between 200mg and 500mg; the shut down is the same.


Out of curiosity, what’s your height weight and body fat?


thread’s 8 years old, genius