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How Long for Adex to Kick In and Feel Results?

I’ve posted a few times about my Estradiol, and have finally found a doctor who prescribes an AI. What I’m curious is how long will it take to kick in, bring my levels down, and for me to feel a difference? I’m going to try to get on Arimidex.

My current Estradiol level is 76 (Range 0 - 47). The lowest my Estradiol has been since starting TRT was 33 in August (75 mg compounding cream) then up to 50 in November on a higher dose, and then down to 43 in January (switched to 100mg x 2 times a week Test Cyp). I am currently doing Test Cyp 2x a week 50 mg SubQ injections on Monday morning, and Thursday morning.

My symptoms I believe stemming from high levels of Estrogen are:
lack of motivation
on and off depression
on and off irritability
feelings of weakness
worsening body acne. It’s worse now even after cutting my Test Cyp in half. Only thing going up is Estrogen while my Test, and Free T are much less so I’m not thinking it’s DHT.

Commons symptoms I’m not experiencing
Nipple tenderness
lots of water weight (although I think I may have a little)

How much arimidex are you taking? I would start at .25 at time of injections. When I took I felt benefits within a day. Stick to a protocol then labs to adjust after about 4 weeks. Do not adjust dose up based on symptom. If your joints start hurting or u lose penile sensation u want to stop it. Those are signs of it crashing.

U should post all labs. Symptoms u present could be thyroid or low free t.

Is this E2 test the LC/MS/MS method? Cutting the test dosage in half should have lowered estrogen. What you are likely feeling is now you’re in between protocols which puts you right back the way you felt before starting TRT. You have to wait 6 weeks again for everything to stabilize after changing dosages.

Everytime you make a small change, another 6 weeks of ups and downs. The acne is from excess DHT. So even if you manage to lower estrogen it will still be 6 weeks for levels to stabilize.

3 weeks after changing to 50mg 2 times a week SubQ from once a week 100mg IM injections
TT: 569 range 240-950
FT: 18.8 range 4.65-18.1
Estradiol 76 range 0-40
TSH 2.36
Free T4 0.7 range 0.6-1.2
Free T3 3.8 range 2.5-3.9

Past test in January 3 weeks after 100mg Test cyp x 2 times a week IM
TT: 1070
FT: 51.4
Estradiol 43
TSH 3.23
Free T4 .8
Free T3 3.8

My TSH on my current test improved I believe because I lost over 10 pounds of fat. Also I haven’t had my SHBG tested recently but in previous tests it was quite low, usually around 15

Systemlord I agree it should have lowered it. However I have heard one person on youtube who treats people with TRT state that some people can have a snowball effect on estrogen as the more you have, the more aromatase is created which makes more estrogen and it goes up exponentially. I don’t know if this is true or just his opinion but I had thought that maybe it’s just been going up in my body over time.

Maybe my hormones are swinging around but I don’t think that a jump to 76 is a temporary one and I will return to the 20 - 30 range without an AI. Do you agree with that or think it could come down naturally? I’d rather not be on an AI but I have felt these effects all the way back in October and am not enjoying it.

Oh and the tests were from 3 weeks after change but I am currently 6 or 7 weeks in and not improving… Maybe even feeling worse.

You have thyroid issues, you can’t expect much from TRT with low body temps. Your TSH is 3.25, fT4 is low and thyroid labs are lacking.

Your need free T3, reverse T3, free T4 and antibodies for a clear picture.

That E2 result is unexpected. We need to also look to see if the problem is more related to reduced E2 clearance in the liver and AST/ALT labs are of interest. Sometimes some meds can be a factor, Rx or OTC.

When AI is working right, good results can be felt in 5-7 days.

Are you on thyroid meds now?
Labs are very much a problem.
Have you been taking iodine and selenium. High dose iodine increases TSH, which is harmless and makes TSH labs unusable.
I am not going to root around your other threads to find out.

Low SHBG: Have we discussed the possibility that this can be sometimes related to diabetes? Fasting glucose and A1C of interest.