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How Long for a Bulking Diet Period?


How long should one do a diet designed to put on mass for it to be effective and worthwhile?

Im 6', weigh 190 and I'm a fairly skinny guy but have been training for years so I have some muscle (sorry to be imprecise on BF). I am planning on 3 or 4 weeks of 6 meals, ~275 g protein and 4000+ cals, starting 3 days ago. i chose this period because i have tried to gain weight in the past to no avail, but for reasons i now understand, and I thought 3 or 4 weeks would be a reasonable period to adopt such a demanding eating routine. It does seem to be getting easier though, and I might extend the time table if it would be beneficial.

Beginning today with legs, I am doing some 10x3 GVT variation i found here (no time to pul up the article now, ive got class) with a Legs, Chest/Back, and Shoulder/Abs day each week. I am dying for some shoulder development and liked what I read about Gvt so this seemed to be a good choice.

So, how long should I be doing this? Routine/diet suggestions are also welcome.

this is my first post, so if the info seems excessive its to avoid not giving enough info. Thanks!


Until you are no longer skinny and people assume you obviously lift weights. You thought otherwise?


Agreed two years is coming Fast for me. Bulking does not mean you have to be Obese, but simply carry acceptable fat mass to add lean mass.


My concern is weighing the length of the cycle versus my tolerance for being fatter than usual and eating constantly. I'm not anorexic or anything but I hate having too much of a gut. I can deal with it, obviously, if my pecs and the rest of my body are keeping pace, but its going to get old.

In any case, I think a nice round number to level off the binge at would be 200 lbs to cut fat. Is this reasonable?


I'll eat six a day till kingdom come if I can finally get past 190. Ill cut when I can't afford any more shakes.

This thing with the meals every 2-3 hours kind of gives me something to look forward to all day. even if the protein doesnt taste all that great there is a mental satisfaction to knowing you just pounded 42 grams of protein in 10 seconds. take that, liver and kidneys.


How long does sex last? It lasts until it is done, same here.



Is acceptable fat mass defined by health reasons or psychological reasons or some combination of both factors ?

Is there some sort of consensus on what acceptable fat levels for muscle hypertrophy are ? What's too much ? What's too little ?

Should some sort of BF % measurement be used, or should I just stick to what I FEEL is acceptable ?


I use the mirror and waist/pant size. Your waist should have to get to big to a point without a LOT of LBM being gained.

Thats my judge.

Yes an accurate BF% would be good, but it really boils down to personal preference as well.