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How Long Does Your Pump Last?

How long do y’all stay pumped up after working out? It’s like I completely deflate less than 10 minutes after working out.

Am I doing it wrong :joy:

Obviously this doesn’t matter, I’m just curious how long y’all feel that extra blood after a workout. I’m

Not a issue


@Chris_Colucci I appreciate the thread title edit to clarify things, but I wasn’t referring to the pump you get from pre workout. I was talking about the actual muscles being filled with blood from working them, not from taking anything.

Me neither. PWO typically stands for post-workout. The title doesn’t imply anything about a pre-workout supplement. “Never Hold a Pump” sounded like a warning about the dangers of holding a pump. But, okay… [edit, snip, tuck, trim] … all better.

On topic, the pump will depend on a bunch of factors - hydration, workout nutrition (especially carb and sodium intake), the actual training you’re doing (volume and/or TUT), etc. It’s almost like DOMS in that some guys never get a pump and see results just fine, others get a pump and that’s the highlight of the day with no other real progress made.

If/when I do get a decent pump in a bodypart without specifically trying or designing a plan to optimize it, it’s generally gone maybe a half-hour or so after training. No big deal.


I’m sorry man, I took PWO as pre workout. Thanks for the knowledge and the reply!

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And whether or not the Mrs says she’s keen