How Long Does Test Stay in Your System?

Iâ??ve been on TRT for a few years now. I started with TRT and HCG but quit the HCG after 6 or 8 months due to the cost (and insurance didnâ??t cover any of it). I also didnâ??t really think I was getting much out of it. I have 4 kids and a vasectomy. So with no future children planned I didnâ??t think I needed my nuts to be working. Well, Iâ??ve had some testicular pain and shrinkage and read info on this forum about the benefits and asked my doc to go back on the HCG. My doctors recommendation is to quit taking the Test for 30 to 60 days, then do blood work and based on results go back on TRT with HCG.

That is the background, here is my question: How long do I need to be off Test for it to be completely out of my system? I would hate to quit for 30 days, do blood work, and my test levels to be still artificially high. Then my doc may reconsider putting me back on Testâ?¦although with that being said, I donâ??t want to quit taking Test for longer than I need too. I have really enjoyed the mental and physical benefits from TRT.
I currently take 50mg Test Cyp twice per week and have consistently for about 2 yearsâ?¦also my doc is actually pretty coolâ?¦she is a hormone specialist and seems to be hip to the benefits of TRT and has always been in favor of me being on TRT. In my original blood work, before TRT, my test levels were 192 total and 6 free. Since then, annual subsequent tests put my test in the 800s and free in the low 20’s.

Typically, I would expect that post TRT hormone levels would be worse than pre TRT. Your testes have shrunk and in that state they will not be very functional. If a younger body builder was on steroids for two years, we would not expect a good recovery then either.

What is doc trying to prove or accomplish?

With testosterone cypionate levels provided by injection will drop by about half in about a week or a little less. So in four weeks, only about 1/16th will remain.

Let’s say you were taking 100 mg/week (you did not say.) If so, your blood test might be increased by an amount similar to if you were injecting not 100 mg/week, but about 1/16th of that or less, or about 6 mg/week. Which would be small enough to be of no concern to the accuracy.

Because of variability, the actual result could be a little different, not exactly like “6 mg/week,” but would still be low enough to not affect accuracy at all importantly.

I guess I’m not sure why she is suggesting that I quit for 30-60 days. Her and I have only emailed about it. I asked to go back on the HCG (due to reasons listed above) and she emailed back that I should quit the Test (30-60), then start both back up together (after retesting blood and office visit). I assumed she was implying that they should be started together…but I don’t know reasoning.

Like I mentioned, she seems VERY cool about the TRT compared to many docs.

Anyway, I haven’t wanted to spook my doc with bro science or things I’ve learned on the intranet, so I’ve kind of just been going with what she has suggested.

And Yes, I do take 50mg twice per week.

I think that he might have been wanting to know the time for his HPTA to recover [steady state] which is not the same as T clearance.

The 30 day wait won’t result in the test showing levels that are “artificially high” from the previous administration.

Perhaps the doctor wants to see something that approaches (though is not) baseline value, perhaps we might call it a “without present use of pharmaceuticals value” and the 30 day period will give her that. It won’t, of course, necessarily represent where he was prior to any treatment, nor exactly where he might be with a further wait, but I don’t suppose she would think it is either of those things.