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How Long Does Surge Last You?

Hey guys,

How long does a container of Surge last for you? A couple weeks?? A month??

It does depend on your weight a little bit, since the serving size is different for different weights, and also how often in a week you train. For me I do believe it lasts me from two to two and a half weeks, just for comparison on average I use it about 4 times a week and I am in the two scoops per serving region.

it has 10 servings in it, so if you train… it will last…

2 days a week = 5 weeks
3 days a week = 3 weeks
4 days a week = 2.5 weeks
5 days a week = 2 weeks

2 tubs a month on average. But like above depends on weight and training.

unless you use a serving during and a serving after like John B :wink:

Two tubs in two weeks. I take three scoops after w/o, MJ has 2 after.

One tub every two weeks.

not long enough