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How Long Does Steroid PIP Last?

I injected for the first time ever two days ago. It was sustanon 300 mg and never in my life have I ever been this fucking sore. My right butt cheek is in so much fucking pain. Obviously I’m sticking with injecting in the ass but how long will I be sore for on my virgin muscles haha

Why is obvious that you are going to continue to inject into the glute? Why not the delt or quad? The quads are so easy to handle for just starting. Pain is going to last 5-10 days. Depends on what you did or what is causing the PiP.

I’ve been dealing with PIP for the past couple weeks. Just started a blast and I’m rotating delts and quads. Pain for me has been lasting 3 to 5 days. I injected my left quad last monday. It’s not until today that the soreness has started to subside. I’ll never use testosterone 300 mg/ml again. I’ve been using test Cypionate 200 mg/ml with no issues.

How much are you blasting? How long? I recall you saying you were thinking of blasting

@unreal24278 I tagged you on my post

Ok so last night before sleeping I massaged the injection spot. I felt like a knot/bubble in my muscle and I massaged it till it went away and I woke up feeling 100x better. I think I was so sore because it was my first ever injection and I heard sustanon gives really bad pip.

I injected 1ml of 500mg/ml into my virgin glute so I know your pain. I bought some sterile GSO and use it to dilute it. I draw .5ml GSO and the .5ml Test E in the same syringe, change needles, then inject. Zero pip. I was in heaven.

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