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How Long Does MD Opened Bottles Last?


One of my buds was cleaning out and found a couple old bottles of opened protein...they are expired by a couple years (they are still the 'old' label even!) - basically wondering if they are still good or I should just chuck'm...? I think I might try one this weekend and see if my stomach survives unless I hear otherwise.


If they say expired? and they are opened....well :X Is that even worth risking? I know creatine has this discussion a lot, I actually have some unopened creatine still sitting around that expired haha..but that isn't protein! Anyway, while I don't have facts..I'd just opt to buy some new.


I believe that expiration dates were made for lawyers. Especially in dry goods.


I'm sure old Metabolic Drive is much better than old MAG-10. Heck, I've had mine open only a couple months and it's getting all hard and clumpy.... Have never seen this issue with regular Metabolic Drive


I did not write "OLD" MAG-10. I'm sick of all my posts being edited and not being allowed to comment in any livespill!


well had some and spent the last 3 days in the hospital.

no. kidding. took and seemed fine, i guess there could be some degradation over time but no ill effects at least. i'm kind of with you on the 'dry goods' - i can see if it gets humid or wet in there, but other than that, its extremely dried so it's not like too much can 'grow' on it.