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How Long Does It Take You to Squat while at Gym?

I’m curious because I feel like 3x5+/5x5 is taking me way longer than it should.

From the time you get to the squat rack (including warm up sets) how long does it take you get through your squat workout (just the back squats/front squats)? I think I’m taking too long of rest periods.

I’m thinking for a 3x5 or 5x5 the squat portion should take no longer than 15-20 min including warmup sets?

20min maybe, but I only do 1 top set.

takes me 25 min to do 5x5.
10 minutes warmup.
15 minutes for work sets w/ 3 min rest between sets.

Three warmup sets, three working sets with increasing weight, one backoff set.

Minimal rest between warmup sets, five minutes rest tops between work sets…20 to 25 minutes total I would guess for me.

But when I fieat started lifting, it took me up to 45 minutes sometimes. So it all depends on the lifter.

From warm-ups to finish (2 work sets) is about 30 minutes. However, I’m also doing reverse hypers and standing ab wheels bewteen sets, so that stretches things out.

When I was doing SS, and got close to stalling, squats would take me thirty minutes, minimum. Remember, it’s not a race, not about cardio, not about body building. Rip says take up to ten minutes between sets. So, for three work sets, that’s, mmm, 3x10, uh, thirty minutes.

It’s maths bitches.

But, if you’re not working for strength, it should take less.

Now, on 5/3/1, squats take me about twenty five minutes. That’s body weight warm up, five reps with the bar, five with 95#, five with 135, five with 185, then three work sets - but I’m old, and a pussy.

EDIT: I do band pull aparts between sets.

So, if you’re not old, and not a pussy, less than thirty minutes.

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Geez, you guys work fast. For me:

Agile 8, shoulders - 10 minutes
Warm up sets, bar to around 315 in 88-55 lbs increments with three sets of fatman pull-ups - 15 minutes
5/3/1 sets - 20 minutes
Five FSL sets - 15-20 minutes


Depends on what I’m doing. For a period of time I squatted to a heavy single 2-3 times a day, 6/7days a week. That would take me 5-10minutes. If I was doing 5/3/1, it would take me 30-45minutes. Back when I was doing starting strength, 45-60minutes.

I train in Comercial gym so i am curtiuos when i do squats , i seems like everyone does them now.
I go through warms up fairly fast, only when start wrapping knees does it take longer and that usually is only last two sets.
But if you want to piss me off start playing on phone 10 minutes between sets.
I dont mind if you do a superset and do squats and two ot three other exercises taking up the leg press as long you offer me to work in, and go through workout.
It also depends on how heavy you go if squating 600 pound , it simply takes longer due to the amount of plates. Wrapping up putting on belt chalking back.

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On heavy days about 45 minutes using 3 minutes between sets of 3 and 5 minute between sets of singles.

On speed days about 12-15 minutes.

Luckily people where i lift AVOID the squat / power rack at all costs … Bwah ha ha ha.

I bet international chest day is busiest day. When i see guys wearing compression shorts and and they are as loose as swim trunks is awsome motivation for squats.