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How Long Does it Take to See Testo Results?

I’m on week 2 taking 500mg of sostenon 250 and haven’t seen no results. It’s the first time I’m on a cycle I bought it straght out the pharmacy so it’s 100% legit. So how long will it take to start noticing somthing?

Depends on what you define as results. 2 weeks is not that long for your levels to build up. Give it some more time.

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If training and diet aren’t in order or if your e2 spikes too high, “results” could be minimal or non-existent.

How long is your cycle? On my first cycle (8weeks) I really started to feel it about week 4-5.

I’m planning on taking it 8 to 10 weeks currently on week 2 and now I will lower the dose to 250mg a week because I really don’t know how to do a post cycle and don’t wanna fuck up big time

250mg/wk for 8-10 weeks will shut you down. Stay on 500mg/wk if you are feeling okay. Are you getting itchy/sensitive nipples? What do you have on hand to combat gynocomastia? Should have adex on hand.
Get some clomid or nolvadex, you still have time to track it down for PCT, otherwise you could really fuck things up.

If you can’t locate what you need for a decent PCT, I would cross your fingers and stop your cycle now until you get your ducks in a row. Even 100 mg per week will shut men down. The longer you have an external source of T coming in, the higher the chance that your hpta axis will not start up on its own again.

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Agree, stay on 500mg ew. 250mg will shut you down basically the same and for less gains.

I have anastrozal for gyno and I was thinking on using clomid for pct but 20 days after last pin, I’m thinking on lowering the test dose because yesterday I got a really bad fever but today I’m better.

Only take anastrozal if your nipples are sore… and then only take .25mg one time. If it’s still sore after 24 hrs, take .5mg. That should knock down your estrogen levels enough. A little test wont need an everyday dose of ai… and dude, if your gonna cycle, take the test 500mg ew… do two pins per week(250mg pin) so you can get your test levels at a balance. You just don’t wanna take it at 500 then drop to 250, then go back to 500… don’t stop pinning because you got a little cold, or a fever. If you’re gonna get big, then good, get big. Eat right, pin on schedule, work hard for what you want, and be ready when side effects (like sore nipples and pct) pop up. It’s worth it but you cannot fluctuate your cycle. Make a decision and unless something really serious happens, run out your intended cycle. I hope this helps… oh yeah, pct should be clomid taken everyday ( starting 21 days after last pin), at 50mg ed for 2 weeks, then at 25mg ed for 2 weeks. Then go get your bloodwork and see where your levels are at. If all is well, you can run natty for 12-14 weeks and prep for the next cycle!!

Umm itchy sore and sore nipples aren’t when you dose adex. It should be taken throughout cycle to combat other high estrogen effects and as a gyno preventative. My BP went through the roof at an E2 of ~70 and almost quit TRT before I got adex and dosed appropriately to keep my E2 at 20-30. On 500mg/wk, I take 0.5mg EOD to keep within that range too.

Good thread on high E2 effecting gains, which is counter intuitive of cycling to begin with:

High E2 may also kill your sex drive; that sounds fun…

Thanks for the Info and the sticky… I’m learning…

@flipcollar, who is very knowledgeable on AAS, recommended 0.25mg EOD, testing E2 on the 4th week, and then adjusting up from there if needed.

I may be overkilling it by 0.5 EOD, but, it gets me in range on a blast of 500mg test e. I might try flip’s advice next blast (as he might be right) to see if I can still stay in range since it’s $4 per mg (pharma grade not covered by insurance).

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So your recomending to take Adex during my cycle to control estrogen leves? And is it a good idea to take 1mg of finasteride x day to prevent hair loss ?

Absolutely, if you’re using an aromatising substance. Though, you ought to always have a test base (which, obviously does). Some people find it unnecessary at certain amounts, while others like myself, do, even at low doses.

I don’t have a predisposition to hair loss and haven’t had a problem with it during cycles, so, I’m not knowledgeable on this subject.

Of its your first cycle, no, do not use an AI untill you have issues. Unless, you are doing bloodwork every 2-4weeks. Here is the reason. Many symptoms of low estrogen are the same of high estrogen. When guys start out with an AI they have no idea if the problem is high estrogen or low estrogen. I have seen this a hundred times before and only way to know is bloodwork. So if we dont have access to bloodwork then this is best way imo. Do not start with AI. Wait 4 weeks for test and estrogen levels to peak (assuming ling ester). Any estrogen sides? This is what high estrogen feels like, make mental note (journal). This will be invaluable information for future. Many will feel fine, great even! I person experience crazy libido when my estrogen is off the charts. Weird, I know. But I do agree that high estrogen is not a good thing. Now is a good time to het bloodwork if we can. We also now we add .5mg adex ew or 6mg aromasin eod. Wait 2 weeks and reassess. Increase AI if necessary. 2 weeks at a time. But without bloodwork its a guessing game. And low estrogen is just as bad as high. This is what I suggest to newbies now because we know they arent gonna get bloodwork.

You are taking 500mg/week testosterone ester and you have idiots suggesting that you do not need an AI. That is really bad advice. After your body removes the ester groups you get bio-identical testosterone and then you get T–>E2 and the rate of that conversion is roughly linear with your T levels. Most guys on TRT taking 100mg/week need 1mg anastrozole to manage E2 levels. A few over-responders need to take 1/4th that amount. So you will have high E2 levels. With labs, you want to be near 22pg/ml or 80 pmol/L.

There is more at stake than itchy nipples. How about gyno surgery? And elevated E2 lowers libido, energy levels and the effectiveness of your T while also creating problems in your arteries and prostate.


Take the AI!

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