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How Long Does it Take to Know if You've Crashed E2?

I just realized that to access that article via external hyperlink you have to log in. If you access it via google it will allow you to read the full article.

Do a google search with this exact phrase

risk of excess testosterone in men

And it should be the top result or close to it.

So what’s the best range for FT? too many labs, and diff countries have their own ranges, but what exact number range is best? between what and what?

Not trying to be pointed here brother, but you really need to re read this entire thread.

The short answer is that there is no unilateral answer. That can only be figured out by you, for you.

This is strange. They don’t cite any studies. They even included Roid Rage as a symptom.

I saw that too but they did put a disclaimer on that saying that it’s not been clearly studied or proven. That was pretty open of them. Fairly marked turn around from their usual “I am God and this is what I say…DO NOT question my authority!!” approach.

Will probably start changing their tune now that new data is coming out. They didn’t link to any studies either.

@NH_Watts @bmbrady77

Is more like high e2 can cause bph and arterial plaque. Studies included



I will read through these but at first look the studies are a bit outdated. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have been disproven but Dr. Rouzier has presented studies that refute these findings.