How Long Does it Take to Know if You've Crashed E2?

I’ve been on the same EOD test protocol for a few months now and have recently added some arimidex to deal with my e2 at 49 and not feeling the T that well.

Dec. 21st I start .25mg E3D. Didn’t feel much.
Starting on Dec 31st I went to .50mg E3D and soon after started feeling something. More mental clarity, etc. Started feeling the test more I guess.

My question is I’ve been taking .50mg E3D for about 12 days now. Will e2 drop any more? Or does it plateau soon after taking? Getting great morning wood and improved mood. Strength better in gym as well.

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Blood test results are usually available within 3 days. Were you considering measuring in any other way, like guessing?

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You’re missing the point of my question.

I’ve been on the .50mg e3 day protocol with the ai for about 12 days. I’m feeling good where I am.

My question is whether my e2 is still being lowered, or is the arimdex at a steady level?

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I’m watching this post, I have just asked a similar question on a post which we spoke on last week…
I’ve been taking 0.25mg AI every 3.5 days with my shot for 1 week, feeling more calm, sleeping slightly better, good wood etc… I just don’t know where to go from here…!

Blood concentrations reach a steady state @ about 7 days. Keep your dosage right where it is until and unless you start to feel bad.


Estrogen will increase because larger less frequent injections tends to increase estrogen in those who are converting more than usual. All you needed to do when on your EOD protocol is simply lower the dosage, even better would be daily injections.

The first two weeks of any new protocol will be smooth sailing, it will change though pretty soon as your body realizes something has changed.

I did lower dosage when I was at a TT of about 750, but didn’t feel good. I felt like my strength left me. Weak feeling.

I understand you lowered the dosage, but did you judge how you felt after 6 weeks? Were you taking an AI?

I can’t recall I waited that long.

I did see a fast drop in gym strength and energy.

Your sabotaging yourself here, you’ve been a member here for quite awhile and should know by now it takes 6 weeks for levels to stabilize, longer to feel those changes.

If you change your dosage, levels are no longer stable and you feel run down for 4-6 weeks.

You were probably close to your target and now may have gone backwards.

Possibly right systemlord.

But at a lowered dosage comes less affect of the T.

There’s your problem, you’re thinking about all this too much and are thinking more T is better. Everyone has their own optimal range, not everyone is built for testosterone in the high normal ranges and I’m one of them. When I was in the 800 ranges, I felt over stimulated, I couldn’t sit still for more than a few minutes. I felt over stimulated and motivation if you can believe it was overly high and I didn’t like it. I felt like I was on ritalin or massive amounts of caffeine.

You want to feel like crap with no libido, go to high normal T, you want a libido and erections, lower the dosage, go back to EOD or everyday protocol
(no AI) and just lower the dosage and do no changes for 8 weeks.

As of now you’re going nowhere fast.

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Im looking at my log now, and I did drop to appx. 20mg EOD in response to my 49 e2 reading. I ran that nov9-christmas. So I did drop dosage and with that, I lost strength and clarity.

Right now I’m feeling pretty good, albeit it’s early.

@roscoe88 this might help
Arimidex (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days
Aromasin (Half life 1 day) - Steady state in 5 days
HCG (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days.
Clomid ( Half life 6 days) - Steady state in 30 days.
Remember, 5 x half life of a medication = Steady state of that medication.

I do believe once at SS of AI and you are at a SS for your T injections(40day) the AI will not Aromatase more until you start dropping body fat. It’s tricky sorry I can’t give you a short simple answer. All that said I never take my AI all the time. Only when I know my E2 is high.

To your specific quest. The biggest difference between excessively high E2 and crashed E2 is dry popping and click joints.

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I’m going to keep the arimidex steady for a bit longer.

I am debating going back up to 50mg twice a week. For some reason my e2 was lower on that protocol.

A little history on the everyday protocol that keeps getting pushed here. There are two mods over on nelson vergils form that swear by it. That is where SL learned about it. If you dig deep into that forum you will find about 25 guys tried it over the years and 23 reported back ((( it did not work ))) or they felt worse and returned to twice a week.

I’ve debated ED protocol, but man, that’s a lot of shots.

I don’t know. … were all guinea pigs with this.

How long have you been on TRT? What is the highest dose and lowest dose you’ve tried for longer than 3 months?
My SHGB runs between 22 and 29. I have tried 3 times a wk and twice a week using T cyp. I had no difference in my E2. I have never crashed it and I have never been over 35 while at my TRT lvl.

I thought the same exact way in the beginning, boy did I waste time. Once you get frustrated enough from having no libido, you’ll have little choice. I know I sound like a broken record, but you’re holding yourself back from achieving libido all because you don’t want to inject frequently.

Almost all your threads are about about estrogen issues, how long you want to draw this out is up to you.

I’ve read in this forum many times where they feel good at the beginning of ai treatment then they crash their e2.

We all know everyone is different. Only way to know if your e2 is going to keep going Down is if you take labs. You can just check estradiol.
By the time you feel the low e2 sides you already ate crashed.

It’s possible though that you can reach stable levels doing what you are doing.