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How Long Does It Take to Get Blood Test Results Back?

Hi - I assume this is a total noob question, but how long does it normally take to get your results back from the doc? I have had a few of the symptoms (and was told by my doc years ago that I’d possibly need t replacement as I had surgery that left me with only one functioning testicle, and was tested last Friday. No word back yet. Safe to assume that all is normal or should I wait it out?
I have had it tested a few times over the years, but what happens is one test comes back low, then the next test comes back just over the line for concern/treatment. Docs usually say to go with the higher of the two.
If it comes back low, I’d like to try and increase my levels naturally. Not overjoyed at the prospect of needles or gels (or all the side effects I have heard about).


For Test and Free Test, it’s taken me 2-5 days.

I use Private MD and they use LabCorp. I get mine the next day (so far and I’ve ordered three labs from them so far).

Side effects are mostly from TRT that is not been done properly and most docs are not proficient.

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Very strange. Still no word back. I did send a note to doctor, she said it may take another week or so. I am going to assume no news is good news,.

KSman - thanks for the insight. I honestly don’t know which tests she ran this time around. All of my original numbers (cholesterol, WBC, etc) came back pretty good. Slightly higher cholesterol, but that is likely due to a not-so-great diet.

There is no raising T naturally if by any chance you are hypogonadal. It’s like controlling blood glucose level without insulin when you are diagnosed with diabetes.

You need to be less passive and start managing whats going on with your health care.

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The best way to get your labs is to go in and ask the receptionist. I have never had a problem. I also bring gifts of food with me. :slight_smile:

Just act like it’s normal, it is.

The doc’s office uses MyChart.com, which posts the test results, so i should know as soon as they are available. i did call anyway, and got “We still have not heard back.”

I like the doc (actually a PA) very much. Very straightforward and seems to care. Just not thrilled with having to wait this long for what should be a pretty straightforward test (I think).