How long does it take to get addicted to the gym?

After years and years of putting it off, I finally got a gym membership! I had a one-off personal training session today and my goodness it was tough.

How long did it take you guys to get into the swing of going? Does it get easier? Feel like it’s going to be difficult to stay disciplined!

Thanks in advance for any tips!

I’d say after you get over the initial shock of being sore you’ll warm up to it. You just need to be dedicated and go no matter how you feel!

Okay bro.I’m gonna get over it and carry on.Thanks

No worries! It does get easier though. Once you start to see results and feel a difference in how you move and feel, you wont want to stop. I guess that’s more of the addiction part of it.


For me it comes as soon as I start feeling muscle. Like, I’ll be sitting at my desk at work and notice that I can feel my abs or obliques. Not sore, just…there and solid. It doesn’t take long, actually. 2-3 weeks for me. I tend to be super-motivated in phases, occasionally I do it because I think I should (a little bitter about it), and other times I fall off because life gets in the way. The feeling that comes when I recommit after a down phase is maybe the best feeling I know.

There’s a really sexy feeling (confidence maybe?) that comes when you get in the groove.

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For me weight training was part of playing sports and became a habit I stuck with. So I would say make sure you have a goal you can track and like anything else the fun will be in the accomplishment.

Once you start seeing results it will be hard to quit. It is hard initially as your body adapts, and the soreness & tired feeling never really go away, but it does get better as you adapt. An incredible case of DOMs almost becomes a trophy in itself at some point :wink:


I absolutely hate exercise. But I’ve been training for 24 years.

You don’t have to get addicted to the gym. You don’t have to love the process. For me, it’s the RESULTS that are addicting. I love BEING big and strong, and the only way I know how to do that is to exercise and eat right.

Similar to how I’m not addicted to brushing my teeth, but I REALLY like having them all in my mouth and not having to have a set of dentures, so I brush and floss.


For me, it was when I realized being sore is a good feeling rather than a painful one. I still do 50ish reps of a light exercise as a cooldown for the muscle groups I plan to do the next day to reinforce that mind-muscle connection.

Plus there is a real sense of peace at the gym and after. You did something positive, had some time to think. Zen state.

Mind, body, soul - they’re all one.

And I like breaking stuff. And being nekked.

When you get to the point of the endorphins release. That happy feel good feeling, will keep you coming back for more.

but stop before you puke until you get addicted.


How long does it take to get addicted to the gym?

Like a drug, all it takes is feeling the “high.”

Once I saw the results of my efforts and that they were accountable to my lifting weights, I was addicted.

I know that some are hard gainers. If I were one of those, I probably would not have become addicted and most likely would have ceased lifting weights. I have never liked doing things that I was not good at doing. Hence, I don’t bother golfing. I can talk golfing, but I will not golf.

From my experience, you don’t get addicted to the gym. You just do it if you must. I hate training and I hate every minute I’m in the gym. But I do it every day. I have myriad reasons why I must, but I have to talk myself into every time.


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I love it and always have. From boxing to running to powerlifting. I love pushing myself. I love fighting my bodies desire to give up. When you’re lungs are screaming for air so bad you can taste the iron from blood with every breathe. When you start a heavy pull and everything in your being it telling you to just let go of the bar, but you grind out the rep. The smell of stale sweat and chalk dust hanging in the air of a poorly ventilated room. I love it. I just wish I could do it more.

So to answer the question, for me it was immediate. I was instantly addicted.

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