How Long Does it Take to Feel Better?

I see this question asked over and over on this forum. I see guys on here every day that are desperately trying everything they can to feel better, and they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I get it. I mean I REALLY get it.

I’m not a dr. I am not a guru or any kind of expert and I don’t have things “figured out”, and I didn’t even stay at a holiday inn express last night, but I do know a little something about feeling like shit…and then turning it around.

I hope the following will help some of you guys as nobody told me this when I got sick and tired of being sick and tired…

We live in a world of extreme instant gratification. Look at the commercials you see on tv. Don’t cook, come eat here and get great food right now. Your 5k per month settlement dividends not good enough for you? Call 877 CASHNOW! It’s my money and I want it NOW!! And my personal favorite…Daddy, I want a golden goose…don’t care how, I want it NOW!!! Lol

That’s the world we live in. Unfortunately that is not how reality works. I see guys starting TRT, taking labs, judging how they feel and then tweaking things. It can be a vicious cycle. TRT will not fix you. Let me say that again veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy sloooooowwwwlly. TRT will NOT fix you. Allow me to explain and get to some kind of a point here.

To answer the title question we have to ask another question. How long did it take to fuck yourself up to the point where you decided to start looking into TRT? Don’t answer that it’s rhetorical. The point of that question is to understand that you didn’t fuck yourself up overnight. You did it through YEARS of bad choices and poor diet most likely. So why the hell do you think that TRT is going to make you good as new in just a few short weeks or months?

I’ll say this one last time. TRT will not fix you. What it will do is give your body the healing hormone back that you have shoved out of the picture through bad choices. How much of that hormone do you need to put back? Well that’s what labs are for. You aren’t chasing the numbers on the paper, they are just there to serve as a guideline to tell you if you’re giving yourself enough, and if there are other problems in your body that may need to be addressed. Once these levels are all somewhat stabilized, then the healing can begin…not be done…BEGIN.

Your body will take a long time to heal, once it has the tools to do so. If you wait a month or so, then change protocols, then your body has to shift focus from healing to re adjusting everything else to compensate for the constant barrage of curve balls that you throw at it by changing things. Get your levels to good upper range clinical levels and LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE! Let your body adjust to that for a good long time, and let it HEAL!!!

One last thing to add…what do you think got you to where you are right now? Looking for help and trying desperately to feel good again? Well, unless you had some sort of accident or have some rare medical anomaly, YOU caused it. Your diet. Your lifestyle. If you don’t clean that up then having the most optimal levels of everything in the body is not going to do any good. You can’t out train your diet, and likewise…TRT cannot out heal a constant influx of poison.

Get stable guys and then keep it on cruise control. Shift your focus from testosterone and hormone related shit, and learn how to eat right. Hit the gym (and do that very wisely, not like some madman seeing how much he can bend a bar). Get your LIFE straight. Get rid of stressful shit. If you can’t afford your bills, then get rid of them, or find another job. Your health and well being should be worth more to you than a bigger house, or the newest vehicle.

Give your body the time it needs to properly heal. Look back over 6 months or so and re-assess how you feel. I’m willing to bet that if your levels are good (dosage is dialed in), and you haven’t kept changing shit every 6 weeks, and you put the effort into changing your diet and lifestyle…

Then …well…you probably wouldn’t be here asking questions lol.

Anyway I hope this helps someone out there. If not, at least I got to rant for a little bit lol.

Most report noticeable improvements in two to three weeks.

You’re absolutely right, then a lot of those same guys are having panic attacks and reaching for an AI a week after that. Placebo? Maybe maybe not.

If you shoot at a penny with a shotgun, then at least one of the pellets is going to likely strike the penny. What I mean by that is that while hormone levels are wildly fluctuating, they are bound to align in such a way at some point during all that swinging to where a person notices a difference, at least for a short time.

The point of this thread is that most guys start freaking out and changing shit after a month if they don’t feel like they think they should. It doesn’t work that way. It takes time and the right materials for the body to correct itself.

Lots of guys are under a very misinformed delusion (and so are a lot of doctors unfortunately) that medicine, or even worse, doctors, heal people. That’s just simply not true. Break your arm. Go to the doctor and see if he can make it better. He can’t. He can only set the bone and wrap it up in a cast…the BODY has to heal itself! We can give it the right tools to do that, but we can’t heal it. It has to do that on its own, and it takes TIME for it to do that even when it has the proper tools to do so.