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How Long Does It Take to Cut? 7 Weeks Progress

Hey everyone, 7 weeks now on my cutting phase and I’m not satisfied from what I see. I lost around 8 pounds but my problem areas are still there (lower belly fat, love handles and lower back fat).

I understand that I don’t have enough mass in order to reveal an ideal physique (lack of abs and shoulders) and I should weight more than what I’m right now but I want to get rid these areas and then focus on lean bulk.

The dilemma that I have is from one side I want to get lower body fat by changing my approach of cutting with different diet maybe but from the other side I don’t want to loose more weight because I don’t know how I will look (probably not good). That’s why I decided to post here for someone more experienced to help me.

Age: 24
Height: 5.77 / 176
Current Weight: 71.9 kg / 158.51 lbs
Started Weight: 75.2 kg / 165.78 lbs
Current Daily Calories: 2090
Current Macros: P: 190g C: 220g F: 50g

Thank you

8 lbs in 7 Weeks is a pretty decent especially if you haveht lost muscle in the process. Your answer, whether you like it or not is to keep going.

How long did it take you to accumulate the fat? You expect it to magically vanish in a much shorter time frame?


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Thanks for the reply

True that I’ve kept most of my strength, I know that the time frame is short but I imagined more visible results after 7 weeks especially my problem areas.

Do you think it would be beneficial for me to try a different diet maybe something extreme like ultimate diet 2.0 or a diet with minimal carbs and high fats or maybe add another session of cardio since I was planning to go only for 12 weeks of diet/cutting?

Why were you planning on only going 12 weeks?

If youre smart about your approach and continue to educate yourself on what works for your body whilst staying committed to the cause, youll learn to work towards your goals until you are satisfied with what you have achieved.
As stu said, it took you longer than 12 weeks to get you looking the way you look, so dont put a time cap on when it needs to be accomplished otherwise youll just demotivate yourself from doing anything, and youll get in the mindset you currently are in, which is “oh fuck its not moving as fast as i want, lets chop and change to try different things and blindly hope that itll speed things up” when unless you have previously used that technique, you have no idea how your body will adapt
What does your current diet and workout plan entail?
Dont be disappointed in your results, be encouraged.
Youre moving in the right path if youre wanting your body fat to go down, increasing strength and have a healthy and balanced diet
Stay committed and disciplined, this lifestyle aint a sprint…

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Because I don’t know how I will look like under 70 kg / 154 lbs, I don’t want to be end up skinny fat that’s why I thought 12 weeks will be a good idea as I said I don’t have enough to reveal.

My diet is clean no processed food, no cheat meals and no sugar all the 7 weeks. I only eat for protein chicken and fish, for carbs rice, fruits and oats and for fats avocados, olive oil and almonds. Also the only supplements I take is multivitamins and fish oil.

If you’re eating to recompose your physique (build muscle and lose fat), there’s no gage in your body that says “whoah’ this food is processed! We can’t break it down and use its Macros for our goals!”

If you care about processing for some health reasons that’s fine, but saying you eat “clean” doesn’t really mean anything. I ate tons of pop tarts and sugar free cake during some of my contest prepa and you can bet your ass I enjoyed IHOP plenty off season while adding muscle without getting fat.

Cheat meals also have their places in certain plans too, so don’t regard them as a negative. Seriously, i think you’ve got the wrong idea about a good many things.