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How Long Does it Take Testosterone to Get to Peak Levels? (Ng/dl)

I’ve taken 100mg every Friday for 12 weeks before. Right before the 13th injection(13fh Friday an hour before injection) my Total T was 757 ng/dl when I got blood work done. That was last summer in July-ish

I started 100mg 2x per week and got my levels checked 3 weeks into it the morning after my 2nd injection of the week(I pin monday morning /Thurs night)

It read 529 ng/dl

I was like what?!

Will I be able to get into 700+ again?

That was only 3 weeks in which was like a couple weeks ago.

How many weeks does it usually take to fully kick in?

Also a thing to note is my levels were super low I’m sure before I re-started this protocol for the 2nd time. I hadn’t been taking testosterone for like 5 weeks or so prior to starting. So I’m guessing it was less than 100ng/dl

If you had stopped and then restarted I believe you are still building up the half lifes of the t-cyp. Check again at 6 weeks or later and see where your at.

You’ve been a member here for almost a year, this is something that should be known after a year as a member.

Labs are done 6 weeks after making changes.

I’ve been on TRT for about 18 months. Finally in the mid 20’s for FT, but I also started in the single digits.

Are you taking 100 mg total (50 mg x 2 /week), or 200 mg total (100 mg x 2/week)?