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How Long Does it Take for the Neurotyping Test Results to Come In?

Hello Christian (and other forums members),

I completed the neurotyping questionnaire 30 minutes ago and expected the test results would be emailed shortly thereafter, but I’ve yet to get those.

Is this normal ? I didn’t see any note about whether this might be a delay.

Many thanks in advance.

Wehave been having problems since last week when we got hacked. My staff is working hard to fix the problem. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for your response. I’ve emailed support (i.e. Jonathan).

Now, should I just wait for the test results to come in my inbox, or it’s likely that I’ll need to start the whole thing over ?

Another point that I’d like to address, is that of the test interpretation. In the email showing one’s test results, there should either be a link to an interpretation guide or a copy of such a guide. My point is that, those who paid to take the test, shouldn’t have to look around the web to find those answers.

If one didn’t pay for the test, then I could understand the «looking around» part, but not if one did pay for it. The fact that one has to either ask you personally for the interpretation or look around the web to find same, might cause one to have doubts about the seriousness of the test results per se.

So hopefully, if and when I get my test results, I’ll get something quite useful out of those.

To be fair, customer service got back to me early this morning - meaning, I now have my test results. So, as far as CS goes, they did a good job.