How Long Does It Take for High E2 to Affect Sex Drive and/or Erection Quality?

I’m sure it varies but I was wondering if anyone has a rough estimate on how long it would take for a high E2, if it was gonna affect sex drive, to in fact affect it. I know people are different, but if my e2 shot up from 22 to 72, how long might you guess would it take to notice deleterious effects on sex drive and erection quality - a few days, weeks, months? Thanks all.

From physiology and autopsy > E2 managment is obviously tricky & sweet spot is naturally narrow. Steroid hormones products (RNA > DNA > proteins) aren’t present in the body in the matter of minutes, but in hours. For T & E2 binded to globulins and albumin t1/2 is from let’s say 3 to 8 hours. T1/2 is crucial when considering their reducing (plus we have to add some time for mentioned proteins production and some time for their influence on target genes transcription & following products > another, target proteins). We can estimate on that assumptions that libido/energy/strenght, etc. effect would be felt from 5 to over a dozen hours. From my experience - if my E2 rise too much and I take some AI to reduce these I feel much better after ~6 h or when I take some AI before going to sleep I feel great in the morning (after 6-10 h).

On the other hand, if we have a deficit of E2/T and we rise it up immediately, we should feel most of their effects in the same amount of time. It doesn’t count for libido/mood and another CNS influence on the perception from T (we need more time for neurotransmitters & new neurons connections production). It counts for E2 for sure - if you rise E2 from sweet spot to an excess, you will have ED symptoms in 5-12 h.

So it I’ve had high E2 for about 2 weeks now, and ED for just the last few days, is it unlikely the ED is caused by high E2 alone? Thanks!

It’s likely, I got ED when my E2 got high.

Except that chemania seems to indicate I should have felt it 2 weeks ago( since it only takes 5-8 hours to show it’s I’ll effects) and I’m I Lubin starting to get ED now.

The followers of Dr Nichols say that high E2 is good for you, when mine pass 40 I have ED

Those fellows found something that works for percentage of men and think they found the holy grail of hormone optimization. The patient tells the doctor that he feels bad ever since estrogen became elevated, he takes action that decreases estrogen and feels better, but doctor says high estrogen is of no consequence.

This is the height of arrogance, all these guys have a huge ego. I will say these doctors have got a lot right, just not the estrogen component.


Dbossa has an ego? Say it ain’t so

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Like Dany debossa, he advocates to inject high doses of test, as much as you want until your symptoms are resolved, he is injecting 300 mg test/week. He said that E2 over 100 is good, just likethe crazy Jay Campbell

I mean. There ARE cases where that works. Lots of them probably. But I still don’t think it’s the only way or the way for 100% of people.

If your test is high enough you can handle higher E2. Like I said in other posts, even at 72 E2 i was dry and not retaining water and my rings would slide off my fingers.

He is a very insecure dude.

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Those people are talking nonsense, Its not true. My e2 gets high = ED and SHIT libido.

Are you taking Anastrazole? What is your protocol?