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How Long Does It Take For Estrogen To Go Down After Switching Protocols?


I was actually on T4/T3 a while back. Was taking 125mcg at some point of t4, then switched over to t3 only at 25mcg-37.5mcg a day.
I feel a lot better off these meds, and I’ve seemed to even lose some bodyfat.
I’m only 21 years old though and I’m having a lot of issues regarding my endocrine system which is sad tbh. Is there any chance my Thyroid can recover naturally?


Once your thyroid is busted, there is no going back. There is no cure for hypothyroidism.


Stay optimistic. Sure there are statsics and some don’t recover, but you can. People recover from cancer. Cancers dissaoear. Miracles happen all the time man.

At your age it can happen and I would not throw the towel in. You have just started your life. your very young. Keep digging and trying … somethings got to give.

Allot had changed recently in terms of technology , diet, and environmental factors. I would start there.

On the other hand some of us are born with disfunction. If that’s you, then jsut be glad you live in a world where the science allows you to recover and not stay handicapped for life :slight_smile:

There’s a positive in everything.


Is it jsut sexual sides your experiencing? Don’t forget this doesn’t always equate to estrogen.




Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m going to keep trying man, I mean I have no choice but to keep trying since treatment seems to make things worse for me in terms of side effects.
You’re right, I’m just a little depressed about the whole thing haha.

Been dealing with sexual sides since starting TRT, my libido was very high before TRT (when I was low T). I’m almost certain it’s estrogen related because of that.


How long have you been on testasteorne. You went up and back down for two weeks, but before that was it months or weeks.

If it happened after trt, you gave it months and it’s still off I’d look at other hormones and etc… do a full blood test who knows maybe something else went crazy now they your on trt.