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How Long Does HCG Last in the Fridge?

Used the Search feature on this and most of the posts were quite old with no consensus reached - was curious if anyone had experience - anecdotal or otherwise - regarding how long reconstituted HCG will last in the fridge? I use Pregnyl and the insert says 30 days, my TRT doctor said it should be good for 60 if kept refrigerated. It’s a 10,000 iu vial and i’m doing 100 iu QD, which means it will take 14 weeks to go through it - wondering if i should pitch the vial after a certain point ? Any feedback is appreciated

Draw your dosage into insulin syringes and freeze. Leave a little air to avoid hcg pushing out when freezing. Take one out and put it in fridge to thaw the day before you inject. Should last at least 10 weeks.

In my opinion, you’ll be fine. But that’s just my opinion based on my own anecdotal evidence, so take it as you will.

Sure it may degrade a bit, maybe a lot, but I’ve not had any problems keeping it that long. Don’t forget that the Pregnyl leaflet will give the time that they can absolutely guarantee it’ll still be good to use, so there is still plenty of legroom within.

I’d suggest you get 5000iu vials next time. Much more practical.

The expiry dates/times on drugs are not created from any attempted research. There needs to be a date/time so they make one up. hCG is reconstituted with BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol that makes bacterial growth impossible. Refrigerate keeps the peptides stable. There are also dates that apply to open vial in a clinical environment where rules were dictate to address windows of cross contamination vulnerability. These do not apply to vials in your refrigerator, but you will find some professionals who think that the rules that apply to them are universal [false].

Many?most use over a period of 80 days with 10,000iu vials. I have done so for 12+ years.

Never have hCG shipped wet to you. Never shake hCG.

If you want, at 80 days, do a home pregnancy urine test and you should be positive. Wife/GH will be amused!

Thanks KSman, this is very helpful.