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How Long Does Bac Water Last?

So my clinic recently sent me an email saying that they are now switching to single use 1ml Amps of Bac Water instead of a multi use vial as they claim that bacteriostatic water only lasts 4 weeks or 30 days.

Just curious if anyone has any experience with Bac water? I have a 30ml multi use vial of Bac water that I’ve had for a year now and stays in the fridge, surely it’s still good to go and the clinic are just trying to make some extra cash?

I know that HCG loses potency as time goes on even when refrigerated but is the same for Bac water?

It’s water with benzyl alcohol added to keep it sterile. If it goes bad after 30 days, something is wrong.

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That’s what I assume myself but unsure as to why they are claiming this, also a quick google search suggests it only lasts up to 60 days. Very strange.

I’m still going to use my 30ml bottle anyway but looking peoples opinions and experiences.