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How long does Andro stayin your system for?

Hey guys, I just had a quick question for you. If I was to take Andro for 2 or 3 weeks, how long would it stay in my system after I stopped using it?

“Andro”? What specific product do you mean?

Oral 4-AD or androstenediol (which will not
do you much good except for the case of very
high dose oral 4-AD, like 2 grams per day
in many divided doses) is gone within hours.
Androsol is gone within 24 hours. Cyclodextrins
are gone very quickly. Without naming what
product you mean, one really can’t say.

I was thinking of using Androbolic by ProLab. I will be using Tribex as well. If you have a suggestion as to a better product I am all ears. I am training for football camp which opens the end of August. Right now I am 270lbs I wanna add more size and strength. I like the way Tribex worked for me but I want to add someting that will help me but wont stay in my system that long after I stop using it (as there is a possibility of being tested) I was thinking of Andro but if you can suggest something else. Thanks

I am biased (being the inventor, along
with Brock) but I know of no andro product
that gives as much results as Androsol or
Nandrosol. The oral products don’t compare
remotely nor do the sublinguals. There is
an imitation topical but it is not as good
due to the erroneous inclusion of an
ingredient called IPM (which backfires
in this application.)