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How Long Does a Pump Last?

I was just curious as to how long a pump can last. I know for me the few I have ever gotten last for like 15 minutes or so and then goes down. However, I remember a mini article written by Christian Thibaudeau that said he got a “full” look in his muscles for a few days. First of all is this a pump? Second of all how is this possible?

30-45min maybe depending on how big you are, hydration and your genetics.

thanks for the reply. You prlly haven’t seen my other thread but I was looking for tips on how to get a decent pump. I never seem to get one now. I have tried some good advice from others but all I get is a burning feeling, which im assuming is the lactate building up in my muscles. Anyways if you could give me any tips on how you achieve a pump I would greatly appreciate it. You seem to know your stuff