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How Long Do Your Workouts Last?

Everything I’ve read says you should try to limit workouts to no more than 1 hour. Yet, when I look at the programs that magazines set up (and even a lot of routines in the articles here) they usually will take far longer than an hour.

For instance, a recent magazine arm routine had a workout of 30 sets with 2 minute rests between most sets. Even if all the weights were laid out for you and ready to go this would take close to 2 hours to complete.

Why aren’t they setting up routines that can be done in the recommended 1 hour window?

A workout takes as long as it takes.

The 45 minute rule has a lot of wiggle room - up to hour and half or two hours. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Under or around an hour always.

If you’ve got the time, do as much as you need. Some people will respond better to longer workouts, others to shorter. What’s important is to go hard the whole time. That is far more important than working for a specified amount of time.

45 mins- hour depending on what I am doing for that day.

There isn’t much call for a 30 set workout, unless you are training for something specific.

What are you trying to train for?

I agree that this is somewhat of a dumb rule or at least needs to be explained more.

If a guy is doing strict rest periods, super setting everything, and generally not wasting a bunch of time setting up equipment or walking to the water fountain every set, he can probably get a pretty good workout in an hour.

Another guy might be doing maximal weight, taking longer rests, he might be in the gym longer.

I would look at overall volume, intensity, and the overall goal of the workout session before I put a time limit on it.

So I agree with Qualay, do what needs to be done then go home and don’t worry about the clock.

You don’t want to be at the gym that long because its hard to keep intensity high, yet some programs-like sheiko- can take up to 3 hours to complete. Generally if your in the 1-2 hour range your good. I take roughly 1-2 hours as well-with warm up stretching- almost never longer unless its very crowded.

1 to 1.5 hours cause I have a lifting partner…

Ummm, I thought it had something to do with catabolic hormones increasing, or something like that, after a hour.

On tuesdays usually 1 to 1.5 hours depending on how late I stay at work. On thrusdays 2ish hours. On sundays I play racquetball and then workout so I will be at the gym for 4-5 hours.

1-2 hours. Today it was close to 2 hours with warm ups/mobility/prework then stretching afterward.

mine used to take an hour… Now its more like 20-30mins, I do less lifts but I train hard and they are some of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever done… More isn’t always better but yeah, just make sure like the other guy said that you lift hard.

Fastest ever was 30 minutes where I just banged out 3x5 on about 5 exercises with 60s rest…which was a bit thick.

Longest ever was 90ish minutes

I generally do about an hour

I train heavy/intensely: after an hour I’m completely exhausted, walking to the car becomes a chore.

Usually about an hour. About once a month train for 2.5-3 hours if have an afternoon off.