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How Long Do You Wait to Inject Same Area?


On my second week of my cycle and I find that my right glute is the easiest to pin.
I pinned two times on the right side my first week before moving to my left delt the next week.

When I pinned my delt, I think I had shaky hands and pulled out too quick and at an angle so I had a tiny bit of blood squirt out.

I feel comfortable in the glute but how long is recommended before pinning the area again?

I would do the left cheek but damn, Im right handed and I cant seem to turn and use my opposite hand…

Currently using 18g to draw and 22g 1 inch to pin. 1" seemed to work in the glute just fine…


This topic is somewhat up for debate… Some guys say rotate spots…Some dude pin same spot over and over… I say rotate give each spot 5 days…its a small pin cant imagine scar tissue really an issue…Also what your pinning maters…If its test prop legs no bueno… Almost anything else Side quad, ass, rear delts Thats 6 good spots you can pin almost daily if you want so problem solved


Thanks brother.

Im injecting test E only.

Iv done the left shoulder. Wasn’t too bad… just awkward. The quad I was hesitant just because I read you had major arteries or nerves. But again Im using 1 inch needle so Im not even sure it would get deep enough to hit something.

But I found the right glute was the easiest so far. And I only had muscle pain there for a few days from going into a virgin muscle and now its good.


dude get some 25s


A 1 inch works fine, especially in the upper quad. This is where I inject when i have to do it myself.

It works great and disperses very quickly (probably due to constant movement). There is also no pain or bleeding, at least for me.


Is there a big difference between 22s and 25s?


Using the image @studhammer posted as reference, there’s a major artery along the adductor longus that you could hit and you should avoid that area.

My nurses (and myself when I can) always inject in the meatiest portion of the vastus lateralis and I’ve rarely had a problem; maybe they’ve hit a nerve or something once or twice and the muscle would twitch until it was injected fully, or, the liquid touched it… who knows. Easiest spot for me to pin with 1.5".


I was thinking about trying that area, but honestly sticking to my delts and glutes seem so much easier.


It’s pretty easy and another two spots (left and right) to rotate to. Sit in a chair, eyeball it and feel it the first couple times, stick and aspirate, inject, pull out, cap it, and done.

I couldn’t imagine doing a glute myself because of the awkward angle. I’d be afraid of moving the needle too much while injecting, even more so if aspirating (which isn’t totally necessary there, but better to be safe than sorry).


I can only do my right glute. I dont feel comfortable going to the other glute because im right handed. i think im going to try the right outside quad tomorrow and see. Maybe pick up some 25 g needles right now im using 22. i was just afraid of hitting an artery in my quads, but ill go over some youtube videos and make sure i get the spot correct


The left shouldn’t be a problem either cause you can easily reach over to pin, hold the upper needle with your left hand so it doesn’t move, pull the plunger back just a tad with your thumbnail, and then proceed to inject if it’s clear.

Watching videos will surely help though.


Do they make 25x1”?




I use 27x1/2” for trt dosages. I rotate injection sites all over including lats, traps and pecs. Quads are my favorite. Delts are my least favorite. I reserve glutes for blasting. I find with .25ml-.5ml of oil through such small needles to be very well tolerated everywhere. There are many possible injection sites and I believe utilizing as many as possible to cut down on scar tissue is important.


I always use 23g 1" terumo. Not bad for drawing and not bad for the inj.

I rotate the site each inj.

I prefer tries and delts but when using EOD injects i’ll also use some glutes and quads.

If I have help I like trap injects


Rules to live by, but YES anomalies exist…25g or smaller if possible. 1.5mL depot max, preferably 1mL. I think at one point I came up with 32 easily accessible and painless IM sites. I would stay away from calves and vastus medialis.

Absorption is another issue though, and the glute/ventro glute beat quads, which then beats delts.


THe whole cc’s per inject goes out the window due to larger dose cycles and the fact that my arm for example is as big as some dude legs. I do 3cc’s regularly in any inj site without issue.


yup…as stated, anomalies exist. Everyone needs to consider themselves an individual experiment. Yet it’s always wise to begin with the scientifically and anecdotally proven norm and work from there. When you have the experience to open that window is also when you probably NEED to.