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How long do you wait for 1st post workout meal?

Hey All,
Just curious as to how long everyone else waits to consume their first post workout meal? I do the post workout drink thang (immediately)…then I typically wait 45 minutes to and hour to eat my first P+C meal (today its 1/2 cup oatmeal with scoop of whey with cup of bran cereal with another scoop of whey). Anyways, this is probably the most boring thread every started, but I was just curious. Talk to ya’ll later…Tony G


Nah just kidding, Tony the Tiger (Timbo, better?) JB says there is around a 90-120 minute anabolic window post training. I usually am starving 20 minutes after my Surge so I start cooking my rice then. I’ll usually consume everything within 90 minutes.

Sorry Hogan,
Didnt mean to put you to sleep…(wink). I hear ya about the 90-120 minute “anabolic window”. Berardi also says he uses 6 hours post workout for P+C meals…now is that JUST for massive eating…or can those 6 hours be used for P+C meals in general? Lately, I have been using those 6 hours post workout and consuming 3 P+C meals, then focusing on P+F meals afterwards. All depending on when I workout of course. Anyways, I am NOT doing massive eating by any means…but I tend to follow the P+C meals for 6 hours after workint out and P+F before. Should be interesting to see what everyone else thinks…that is if they aren’t asleep yet! Tony G

I was under the impression that you wanted to wait like 2 hours following your postworkout shake cause otherwise you might still be feeling the effects of the HI GI carbs and making it more likely that the elevated insulin levels would cause the C from your P&C meal to be stored as fat. Can anyone clarify this? I am usually hungry as hell about a half hour after drinking my shake (I use dextrose, protein and koolaid packet, since I have no money for surge)and would love to be able to eat sooner than 2 hours after but I didnt think that was the thing to do.

One to two hours later.

depends on my goal. If i am bulking, 30 mins after my last sip of PW shake, if looking to lose weight 1 to 1.5 hours and the shake.

I used to wait 2 hours to allow SURGE to do it’s thing, but I have had much better results when following it up w/ a P + C meal about 45 mintues to an hour after.


Hollywood, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! T-Rock lika da juice.

Tony da Tiger, I would shoot for somewhere around 60 minutes. I’ll explain why in a second. As far as your other Q’s, you’re going to have to do much worse than this if you want to put me to sleep:-) In addition, your current plan of carbs within the six hours of training should work well.

Now, why the 60-minute figure? Well, here’s my take. You’re basically coming out of an extremely catabolic environment when you finish your workout, thus the Surge. Now, the Surge ingredients are extremely rapid in both digestion and absorption, both the carbs and the protein. Those carbs are going to be sucked up rather quickly. As blood glucose goes zooming down to hypoglycemic levels, insulin will still be cranked up. In this situation, you’re in a hormonal environment that wants to oxidize glucose like a mutha. So you need to mobilize more glucose.

The body will then body will then probably break out the old glucagon cleaver and mobilize liver glycogen–if available–for blood glucose purposes. In addition, I would also tend to think that the amino acids ingested would be more prone to gluconeogenesis in this environment, also. This is definitely undesirable.

So, you’re basically locking in the nutrients with a whole-food meal about an hour later. Which brings me to another (short) point: whey should not be your sole source of protein here. I would go with a whole-food source or at least a blend, of which there is none equivalent to Grow!

About 90 min. Never over 120. When adding mass, about 1 hour (lots of egg whites, jam, and wheat toast…mmmmmmm).

Yep bro, basically what a lot of the others are saying. I have seen great results frome eating 45-1 hr after my PW drink. To tell you the truth I just eat man. As far as being concerned with P-C meals after working out, bud you really have to experiment and see what works for yourslef. I see no harm with having them myself, as I feel they just keep the fire burning, and building. I agree with T-Bird on the whole meal after PW shake, the last thing on my mind is another liquid meal after a workout, I am a fat chiccken breast, and load o’yams type of guy. As a matter of fact I just finished that lovely meal, oooh never tasted better. Good luck with finding what wokrs for you.

Surge is going to be digested very rapidly (probably not more than 30 minutes), so I think the 45-minute mark is about right for your next meal. There’s certainly no need to wait for two hours.

Also, unless you’re on a really restrictive diet, I don’t think it matters all that much what you eat at that point. What with the post-workout anabolic environment, as well as the Surge cranking you up (see Timbo’s points above), you can eat most anything and have it go where you want it to. Much more so than with other meals, anyway.

Just got work and I have been waiting to see if anyone has responded to this post!! Many great points. Personally, I have been waiting an hour after my post-workout drink to consume another P+C meal, and then I will wait 2 more hours for yet another P+C meal. I understand it all comes down to “what works best for you”…but it is nice to know that there are alot of people out there who are doing the same thing.

Timbo (or T-Diddy Dawg…hahaha)…sorry, had to get that in there! I am NOT just consuming whey after my post-workout drink an hour later!!! I understand that whole food is the best route to go…I just combine the whey with some bran cereal or with oatmeal…just so that I get some protein in there. I tend to put in some chicken or tuna also sometimes. Anyways, I’m sure I will talk to all of you soon. Take care…and GO SYRACUSE!!!

Taking all of the thoughts into consideration presented in this thread, I have a question. Should the carbs in a pc post-workout meal (after liquid meal) consist of strictly simple carbs, complex or a mixture of the two?

that precious hour!! I usually shower to kill time, slowly dress myself back up then go fire up that stove for my pasta and chicken. If too lazy than I have a tuna sandwich with 1 can yams or 1 cup of steel cut oats, blueberries, bananna, and 2 scoops protein! YUMMM for all those.

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