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How Long Do Peptides Raise IGF Levels?

My igf1 was already pretty high like 232 with 280 top of range. I’m taking ipamorelin and sermorelin. How long will my igf1 be elevated on a blood test if i stop. I have labs coming soon and dont know how my provider will feel about my level jumping up then having to explain that im using peptides on my own. So I am hoping I can stop for a few days and make sure its normal. Just wondering if anyone has an answer about how long I should take a break for. I have read a lot of conflicting information

My understanding is peptides and gh are all very short acting drug when it comes to effects on raising levels. Short as in within hours of dose.

I have no first hand experience so don’t take what I say for facts. Just my understanding.

Yeah i have read that also but in the same article it also said it’s best to take with a meal for maximum effect, which contradicts what like 75% of sources says not food 15-90 min before or after dosing so ita hard to really decide whats good info vs bad.

Half life of sermorelin and Ipamorelin are insanely short, like 20-30 minutes. The spike in IGF is brief, which is why Toni g of the dose is so important (and thus controversial). I would bet money that you could take your dose hours before your blood test and not get skewed results (do not do this). So if you stop a week before there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be right back to normal by the time your test comes around.

I will probably give it a couple days. I only have 1 pre try igf1 test from a different lab so even if it came back a little higher than the first it shouldn’t be a big deal. It would be great is someone with first hand experience were to provide some insight