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How Long Do Newbie Gains Last?

I started lifting in Nov 07 after not really lifting much since 1998 (college). 32 Years old I’ve gained 60lbs on my bench (205 max in Nov, 265 max this month), 95lbs in my squat (400 max). I don’t do a max on my deadlifts or shoulder press or other exercises, but i’ve put on 19lbs of muscle, lost 6lbs of fat and really feel great.

I maintain what worked for me when I was in college (2-3 months 12 reps, 1 month heavy reps) and have tried a few programs (hungarian oak, blast your bench), but stay on the core. I eat about 3500-4000 calories a day, and stay on a good diet for the most part.

I take creatine 1 month on, 1 month off, just started TRIBEX this month, do Protein Shakes, BCAA and glutamine as well as flax/fish oil/vitamins.

How much longer do I really have to continue in the quick gains before it starts to really slow down? I push myself hard, keep the intensity high, and try to do core lifts (squat/deadlifts/benching/occasional o-lifts). I do some focused lifts but for the most part try to keep those at a min.

My goal isn’t to slow down or stop in my lifting schedule/plan, but I’d like to bench 300lbs at some point and squat 450x5 in reps.

If I stayed at my current Pace:
6Months = 60lbs on bench = 10lbs a month = 4 more months for 300 Max
6 months = 95lbs on squat = about another year for 450 reps.

Is it really feasible to gain almost 100lbs on ones bench in a year, and that much on ones squat in their newbie phase?


Well heres something fun to chew on.

Tonight I went in to do my back workout and run and met an old church workout partner who I hadn’t seen in a bit.

We stood around talking about church, life and the combine compitition I have coming up on May 3rd and all.

We talked about how I’m pretty much out of my class compared to all the young 23-28 year olds who are going to be there and who are in prime shape, vs my 32 year old body thats only been training since Nov 07.

I said if anything Happens it will have to be God doing it and we decided to max bench tonight for fun. I put 265 up, blew out away like a feather. Amazed I put it on 275, 285 and ended up putting up 305 and could have probably done a little more… I was pumped and everyone in the gym couldn’t believe it since my max bench was 250 on 3/21 and I did the Blast Your Bench program for the past 3 weeks.

I give all the praise to God, but man I can’t tell you the amazing feeling of putting up 305. Its something I’ve dreamed of for a long time.

I’m not here to try and convert or insult anyone but man my God is great and I just felt I had to praise him for this amazing feat.

I didn’t have a camera but I’ll look at getting a video done one night after the combine to show it. Next 2 weeks are going to be tuff volume wise (2-3 workouts a day) so I doubt i’ll max again till its over.

Sorry for rambling but still in shock at the feat. :slight_smile: