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How Long Do Most Raws Last?

Been home brewing for years. I usually always run through most of my raw powder in at least a year. About 3 years back I bought a shit load of Raw EQ. I only run it in the summer. So this summer will be the 3rd year I have the raw EQ. Should I have any worry about things like potency or if it’s still good for 3 years? I’ve heard raws as long as they are preserved well which I have are good for many many years. So what do you guys think? 3 years still ok for Raw EQ?

Well, if you look at the expiration date on injectable testosterone, whether it is ugl or pharma it often says it expires 3-5 years after it was manufactured.

Should be ok, i keep powders in the fridge since it can get to above 35celcius here and test e will melt ha. Eq is liquid anyway so you can just keep it in a clean sealed bottle.

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Raws in a freezer, like Pereque does, can last a decade. Just FYI before you order more raws please be advised that the largest supplier (to the states anyway) had their brewer busted a few weeks ago and it turns out he is as dumb as possible. He kept journals with customer names, addresses, orders, etc. So be careful before you go out and acquire anything else.

Hey yuppie, thanks for the heads up. I’m pretty sure my guy is good but I’m going to say a little prayer just to be safe lol. Thanks as always for the informative response.

Iron, usually I like your comments.

Last night I just got the confirmation that an order is state side. I still can’t figure out if it was sent from a domestic warehouse or if the tracking is just showing the state side of it all. The time frame between ordering, payment and when it showed as state side leads me to believe it was sent out from a domestic warehouse. Somehow if they were compromised I doubt that customer service would disclose it if I ask.

Fuck I am not going to sleep.

It depends where it’s coming from and who the source is. So we’ll all know that the raws are coming from China. Almost exclusively. From there it becomes an issue of whether or not labs are located overseas and shipping direct, using a reshipper, or if the raws are being processed stateside.

The bust was of a US lab that was sourcing raws from a major supplier and acting as the “domestic” version for both raws and finished. Big picture…he was a small timer on his own (and was even alleged fired by a lab for selling tainted gear) but he was fronting for THE raw supplier to the states.

That actually sounds like the last source I ordered from and almost ordered from in the past few weeks. Is news of this bust online? Like if I search the “brand” would it link to the arrest story? I searched the brand from the source that sounds like what you are describing and nothing showed up.

I just went from wondering if the police are coming to am I now on a list because of some one keeping a journal?

The brand wouldn’t show up in any kind of Google search. The reports don’t name brands, only the brewer’s name and his affiliates. But if I lived in Louisiana that heat and humidity would drive me crazy, so maybe the brewer can plead insanity. But some enterprising gents on another forum noticed some of the pictures that the Feds released gave an idea of which “brands” he was brewing for. There’s one lab in particular that has a signature color to their bottle tops that nobody else uses, so it was easy to connect the dots. The lab owner (the big boss overseas) eventually confirmed the story to everyone on the forum.

I’m a novice when it comes to T. I have all the classic signs and symptoms of low T ,my last test was 300. My Dr refuses to prescribe me TRT. Is there a reliable source you or anyone would recommend?
Btw I am a Firefighter in NC just looking to feel normal agin

That was like 3 months ago if we’re talking about same thing. What are the chances of there stuff being in transit still now? I would think next to none?

If you have a genuine medical need for trt then your best option is to use a reputable clinic or an endo who specializes in trt. If it’s going to be lifetime treatment then you should try to do it legally and safely. The risk of buying something illegal once is relatively low. But if you’re going to be using testosterone for the next 30 years then your chances of getting scammed go way up. So do the chances of getting into trouble unnecessarily.

Probably not. But that whole thing was a mess so who knows.

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