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How Long Do IBB Workouts Take You?


I posted this is the questions for Thibs, but got no response. I have started the I,Bodybuilder program. I am use to doing a high volume workout. This workout takes me less that 30 minutes to complete.

Mondays workout let than 20 minutes if i rest like it says to. I feel like this is not enough to build quality muscle. Is anyone else doing this program? and if so, How long does it take you? am i doing something wrong or did i miss something? I just don't want to see atrophy because my body doesn't even feel fatigued when i leave the gym.

I guess what i'm loooking for is reassurance that i'm doing it right, or advice on what to change.

my stats,
5'7" 170lbs, bodyfat 8%
bench- 330
deadlift- ?
eating 3150 calories average per day.
At this time i am bulking, want to compete in august. I'm scared this program may set me back if i doing it wrong.


This is a joke, i wrote this three days ago and no one has said anything? Apparently nobody knows how to do this program? Chris I think you made your workout to complicated because either no-one is doing it or no one has any idea how to do it properly. I'm finding that im leaving the gym full of energy and now i gaining weight, but its seems to be my body fat is increasing because i'm burning less calories. Would like to know what people are doing so i can fix this.

I'm sure i can expect a response in about a month or so too late.. ridiculously slow responses on here.


It sounds like your previous workout plan was working for you, given the strength numbers for your size. Why did you bother changing, especially with a competition not that far away?


have your lifts gone down while on the program? if you read thibs livespills etc, he does state that his training programs are centered around training as much as possible without exceeding your bodies ability to recover. i haven't done the program though.


You need to increase your startout weight and add more per set. It worked get for me.


It was time for a change. I was getting burned out from it, but i have since returned to it.

I did increase the load, But doing three reps as hard as possible with 85% max barely makes me breath hard.

Thanks for your responses, i am going to train using some of the program but i am going to add about 6 exercises per day to increase the volume while maintaining the same rep scheme.


Why not add a few days of cardio per week to keep the fat gain in check?


I thought about that, IS that what your suppose to do on this routine? I guess I'm not understanding this routine. It didnt say anything about cardio and i would assume cardio is extremely taxing on the nervous system if your working out 5 days a week anyway. and the point of this routine is to avoid stressing the cns too much. So i've avoided cardio for that purpose. is that right or wrong?


I would guess you are doing it wrong, as I see only progress for myself. I do not do any cardio, as most days I am left sucking air. Not really true, I do take a walk in the morning, before eating, and gulp down BCAA's before leaving.

Also, you said "Monday" training. Which phase?

And also, re-read the tab on "Perfect Rep", specifically for you, the second page, where it talks about reps, sets, etc.

You are probably using his model as bible and not deviating. CT wants you to use your brain, use his program as a guideline and make modification that would best suit you.

IE: I can't do bent over rows with barbell (bad back), I just use something else (Machine rows, improvise with a bench and a cable row, etc). Also, if I feel feel that 6 sets is not enough, I add more poundage (as described) and do a 7, 8, 9 or 10th set.

All of the above are described in the program.