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How Long Do Expired Fat Burners Last?


I recently found some old fat burners called Thermalean that contain ephedra and yohimbe. They have been expired for like 4 years now. I was wondering if they would be safe to take. My guess is that they would simply be less effective, but i would like to hear some thoughts.




where were they stored?


just in a bedroom. typical bedroom conditions, hot in summer, cool in winter.


They were stored on a bedroom shelf. Hot in summer, cool in winter.

Just asking b/c I’m tight on cash and HOT-ROX is illegal where I live.


Well, im no pharmacist, but unless they have mold or something growing on them, they should be alright. If you die from taking them, I take no responsibility!


that’s what I figured as well. Perhaps they will be less effective due to aging. Thanks