How Long Did It Take for Your Testes to Shrink? How Long to Bring Them Back?

Hi guys,
Just looking to learn more. Please correct my assumptions if they’re wrong. From what I gathered from reading posts here and elsewhere:

-Most people on T only experience testicle shrinkage, but there are a few unicorns out there that dont experience any shrinkage.

-Most people can get their testicle back to normal size with HCG, but not everyone.

-Testicle size is a good sign of how fertile one is but to be sure, bloodwork is needed.

I was once on 9-10mg of cypionate and 40IU of hcg daily for 2 months, and experienced no shrinkage. Wondering if I’m a unicorn and need very little to no HCG to protect my kids.

-Is there any rough average out there for how long it takes for the average person to experience shrinkage while on an average prescribed dose of TRT (about 100-150mg a week) without HCG?

-If the kids do shrink, any rough average of how long it takes to bring them back up with an average prescribed hcg dose (500iu twice a week) that is commonly prescribed along side T?

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