How Long Did It Take For Your Bench To Reach 400 Pounds?

I’m curious. I haven’t gotten there, and obviously the answers won’t make a difference to when I do, but I quite like data.

So, at what point did your bench get to around 400 lbs (give or take a few pounds)?

  • Time spent training
  • Bodyweight
  • How long after you reached a 300 lbs bench
  • Did it require enhancement

Got to 385 but never pushed for 400.

I Switched geared to pursuing hypertrophy when I finally realized around this time that the advice to “just keep trying to get stronger” hadn’t gotten me to my actual goals of being huge.

I was probably around 190 and while somewhat larger was still pretty soft and chest muscles still look like crap. This was probably 5-8 years into training for me.


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I suspect your soft 190 was much less soft than what I consider soft…

Good info though, thanks.

405 @ 196 was something like 15 years in, but after powerlifting for just 3 or 4. I was not naturally a good bencher. I also started at 15 and maybe 100 pounds BW and couldn’t bench a 45 pound bar.

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  • 3-4 years during my Bodybuilding phase
  • 205lbs
  • honestly forget maybe 2?
  • No vitamin T matter of fact no supplements

Awesome. Thanks guys.

20+ years
So long I don’t remember (sad)

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Sounds like something I might be saying in about 15 years at this rate

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Vitamin T…that is just the best hahaha

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