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How Long Did an Elite Total Take You?


I don't know how many elite lifters are on this forum, but I'm wondering how long did it take those of you who have totaled elite to do so?

I'm asking out of curiousity, because I have a meet in August where my total will be 1140-1160 in the 148 class. I've only been training for powerlifting a little over a year, so it seems like I shouldn't be that close to an elite 1185 total that easily. I personally think my weight class should have higher elite standards.

I'm going by drug free and raw class standards, but I would like to hear about anyone's elite totals, raw or geared.


I agree with you on the elite totals being low. I thought I heard they used to be higher totals but they were lowered for some reason. Maybe some of the longtime vets can chime in.

Its hard to answer how long it took me since I haven't trained for powerlifting specifically forever. If focused solely powerlifting, I would guess it would take 3-5 years with an untrained individual.


Yeah, I don't know what to think about those classifications. Mostly I don't see the point of having 5 classes below Elite, as it currently stands. But, I won't get into that I suppose.

I would guess the classifications are set lower so more people can achieve them, and therefore more interest in the sport is generated.

Sorry to not actually answer your question haha, I haven't totaled Elite yet, but I plan to within a year or three.


I forgot to mention my remedy for the standards being low. I simply won't consider myself as an elite 148 lifter until I hit the mark for 165. 1298 seems like a hell of a raw total at 148, I don't think many lifters in the 148 class could do that so it would be a truly elite total, not just on paper. Also, 1298 is a little more than 100 pounds less than the all time drug tested total without knee wraps, which is how I compete.


About 11 years to hit an APF elite total at 198, granted I started powerlifting at 15 and didn't get into gear for about 5 years and took a few years off in the middle... It took about two years of focusing on geared lifting to do it, starting from a base of around a 1425lb raw total.


A master's total at 148 was 1279. Elite was around 1390. This was with crappy gear and wasn't really tested . Elite totals that were a class one back in the day are a joke IMO .


People have hit higher in the adfpa in the 80 s with very poor gear. I mean inzer blast shirts that maybe gave ten pounds. Marathon supersuits or inzer z supersuits . The knee wraps also were much less restrictive .

Around 1300 IMO would be close to elite at 148 if you consider what people got from gear . Back in the day I got maybe 50 lbs total from all of it


tom, what would you consider elite for the 181? 1500+? Currently it's 1396.


Does anyone know where one could find a list of the old elite totals?


Elite for 181 in the day was 1642. If your going totally raw, maybe 100 less. Back in the day maybe ten lifters would crack elite according to the plusa. By the nature of elite I doubt more than thirty guys in the country should crack it, raw and drug tested. These new elite totals are to low in my opinion .

The old time guys that cracked elite were all big time lifters almost all would recognize.



Are these the total's you are referring to?


Would you say about 1300 is elite for raw, belt and wrist wraps? Between 100%RAW, NASA, and USAPL none of the 148 lifters have totaled elite by 165 raw standards. I haven't checked the other two or three drug free federations with raw divisions.


Missed IPF elite by 23lbs at my last meet. It's 1945 for 275 open. Just training for Powerlifting, that took me about 4 years.


Yep those are the old uspf totals . I'm not the end all of decision makers , but if you're within 100 pounds of them at 181 and up raw, no wraps call yourself damn good. You get no lower totals for being drug tested. I don't care.

If you're under 181, take 65 lbs off for raw. This is just me recalling carryover from gear in 1982-1988. It's my estimate.

If you're using the new multiply gear you're not elite by just hitting these totals . I'll give you elite if you're hitting ten times bodyweight.

Back in the day Rickey dale Crain did it first in the seventies for a point of referenced
. He was a world champ in the unified powerlifting world .

I knew some drug free tested guys hit elite at these totals back in the day and they weren't getting 100 lbs on their total from gear. I love the gear , but just think we need some realism when we start talking elite snd such .