how long can you stay on tribex and M

are tribex and M meant to be used just after mag-10 or traditional aas cycles, or can they/should they be used (separately/together) on an ongoing basis?

same with methoxy and myostat too.

Some seem to benefit more from Tribex and/or M than others and I definately can feel a difference (probably due to my age at 45, T levels starting to decline and E starting to increase, common problem in middle age). For those that experience obvious benefit, I recommend M all the time and Tribex 5 on, 2 off whenever not using Mag-10 or 4-AD-EC. If you have naturally high T and don’t seem to benefit as much from Tribex, I would just recommend Tribex for 2 weeks after every Mag-10 or 4-AD-EC cycle. I also love Methoxy and believe it can be taken all the time and doesn’t have to be cycled (at least not like Mag-10, etc) and usually use a cycle of Methoxy with the Tribex and M after Mag-10/4-AD-EC cycles. And if Myostat works like expected, I plan on using it continously.

i still can’t seem to figure out exactly how myostat figures into all this, and what it does exactly. what’s the difference between it and mag-10 and 4-ad, and should be it used concurrently with either one or separately? plain english works best with me.