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How Long Can You Stay on a Cycle of Test?


I have been on test 3x a week for a month 1mg anastrazole 3x a week

How long can I do this before coming off


24 weeks..anymore would lead to you seriously getting HUYOGEEE..


10 weeks is a standard cycle.

Too much longer that that and recovery gets more difficult and gains drop off as well.

There is no way to know exactly how long any one user can stay on before serious HPTA damage. But I would not recommend over 20 weeks.

I highly recommend buying an SERM, and starting a PCT after 10 weeks.

Post your who cycle..

Post what ester of test your using, how many mg/week, and any other drugs your taking.


Are you seriously using 3mg of adex per week?

Telling us you inject test 3x/wk means nothing. How much per injection? (mg)


This guy is a terribly uneducated user - he has posted before and is particularly ignorant and stubborn in his ignorance.

This is going to be a cluster fuck - you can tell when the dose isnt given away in the first post!


I knew the OP's name looked familiar