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How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?


2 minutes for me. Fuck you!


Try holding it till I come back here...


1/6 of a second. Fuck you!


I've been holding my breath since I first read this an hour ago. I'll let you know when I need to take another breath.


Not long. How much do you squat?


I did it in A&P class a few years ago. 3 minutes 26 seconds. I could have gone a little longer but people commenting started making me lose my focus and I eventually just said screw it there is no benefit to this.

One thing I can tell you is you can train yourself to hold your breath, 3 minutes is good and I haven't practiced in a long time but Back when I swam alot I could do 4 or 5 minutes. There are free divers who can go MUCH MUCH longer. Like 10+ minutes. And thats while swimming around.

One benefit for the average person is if someone drops a really nasty fart, you can hold your breath for a long enough time to either wait it out or to move away from the carnage.



Well since you said it. I hold mine from the decent till i'm standing back up...about 10seconds if its near 600 more than that and I'm in narnia so it could be years.


Once I got a tad over 3 minutes underwater...nothing compared to some divers that can SWIM AROUND while holding their breath for like 5 minutes at a time, fuckign crazy


Depends on how long the conversation is with a close-talker with halitosis.


Hey OP was this you?



Also these people that can hold their breath for long periods of time have overside lungs. All genetics.

Most I've held was like 1 min and that was when I did large breaths in and out before hand.


No FA it's not Genetic, Anyone can train to hold thier breath, it's more about How your body utilized Oxygen in the blood and how well your brain can run on a slower trickle of Oxygen. There may be a small lung capacity correlation, but it is a very small percentage of the overall impact.



That's only part of the equation... like BBing.

World class deep divers train for it.


That's what I just said Tanny smurf!



Isn't it technically about how long you last before the high CO2 concentration in your blood causes your cerebrospinal fluid to turn so acidic that the breathing centre in your hypothalamus forces your body to breathe?

Awesome job on the 4-5 minutes BTW!


Had an experience much like this, i got 3:11, it gets hard to focus when the people around you comments/claims you are cheating or whatever, so i just quit, maybe 15-30 seconds early. Still m personal record. Don't swim though.. I remember when 1 minute was hard as fuck, but that suddently changed for some reason..


how is that second part not genetic?


a breath hold that isnt done underwater doesnt count... everyone knows that


Holding your breathe to eat pussy underwater.


At first glance, I thought you called him Tranny Smurf.