How long can you do it?

Yucky tuna, dry chicken breasts, lumpy oatmeal, etc, etc.

How long can you keep eating “clean” foods?
I’m getting to a point where I can’t take it anymore.

once a month have your favourite pig out food… what happens to me is if I go past that point where the idea of the clean food I eat sickens me is when I have a bad spell and fall of the wagon into fast foodness…

Eat clean 90% of the time and don’t sweat the other 10%. Besides, when eating clean includes steak, who cares!!! (I’m not the only one here who considers steak a bodybuilding food, right?)

Steak is the food of the gods. I eat regardless of my goals. I eat clean about 90% of the time when I’m bulking, and the other 10% is me eating what I’ve been craving forever.

When I'm cutting, I eat clean about 99% of the time, and occasionally cheat. When I cheat, I usually eat clean foods, just more of them.

It makes it easier when you find different ways to prepare your foods, add spices to your foods use chicken in stir frys instead of just eating a plain chx breast. Also, its very helpful if you give yourself one cheat meal or one cheat day a week, it won’t set you back and it will be a scheduled release for what ever unhealthy foods your craving.

Go to a place like Cambodia or Calcutta, live and stay there for about one month. Afterwards, ‘dry chicken breasts’ and ‘lumpy oatmeal’ will seem like a treat! I’m only half kidding. Like the person said above, allow yourself a cheat meal here and there.

i like to eat red meat bout three times a week. i find eggs and salsa to pretty good also, but some people have different tastes. try experimenting with different spices other than salt to make youre foods more enjoyable. As for me, i have been eating clean for so long that i guess i lost my taste for anything else. Stay diciplined, it pays off big time.

Clean food don’t have to be boring. You have to get creative. There are some good bodybuidling cookbooks. Just do a search on Amazon. The herbs and spices that taste good are also very good for you. This shouldn’t be surprising. Onions, garlic, turmeric(curry), peppers, cilantro, ect., will liven up your food. Actually cooking the food yourself smelling the spices will whet the appetite and prepare your body to eat. Stir fry tatses great and if done properly is very healthy. As far as oatmeal goes, check out some alternative grains at your local health food store. Spelt, kamut, amaranth, quiona, all tatse great and are higher in protien and many other nutrients than the standard hybridized oatmeal. Just experiment!
PS: Steak does kick much gluteus maximus

I do cheat every now and then (lately it’s been pretty frequent).

I do include steak and salmon but it pretty much boils down to the same few foods for for bodybuilders namely chicken breasts, fish, eggs and lean steak for protein and oatmeal, wheat/grain bread for carbs and flax/fish oil for fat.

I’ve been doing it for a few years and I’m just getting sick of it you know.

You eat fruit and vegetables,right?

Tell him about the cereal! AHAHAHAHA!

MBE: “Completely F’ed on Powerdrive at the moment since 4 hours ago. No, 5 hours.”


When trying to sustain certain habits (ie. eating clean foods) you will inevitablly relapse into a prior bad habit of poor eating habits that are contra-indicated for your macrocycle goals. I agree with the spicing up the foods and being creative. I also believe that implementing a “cheat day” into your diet regime once a week will facilitate the craving for bad foods. The big picture here is that it is easier to fall apart than it is to stay on track, we are human nonetheless. Treat your digestive track like a muscle provide a sufficiant stimulus to facilitate an adaptation to your dietary goal(s) which will undoubtably improve the results from micocycle to microcycle; which in turn will exhibit the expected macrocycle goals that you have been trying to attain.

I’ve never had lumpy oatmeal that I’ve made myself. Chicken breasts get dry if you over cook them. Tuna is what it is but you can add stuff to it. I suggest taking as much care in learning how to prepare your foods as you would learning the correct form on a new exercise. That way your length of time between cheats is less of a chore and may even stretch out a bit.

I find when I cut the chicken breast right when it gets soft enough to cut, and then finish cooking it, it is not nearly as dry. :slight_smile:

ive been eating clean for the last two years, with some scheduled cheating, but generally eat clean 6 outta 7 days a week…been working so far, but i do get sick of it and sometimes think…maybe i could just be normal like everyone else…then comes motivation…my former self, pictures when i was 235 lbs at 21% BF…now i look in the mirror at 200 lbs and 10% BF…i like what i see…and i dont want to ever ever wear a 38 inch waist again. that’s enuf for me to keep going.