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How long can you be on Androsol (Bill or Brock?)

I was just wondering how long one could use androsol continuously at maximum dosing w/ only negligible T suppression? I believe Patterson has said that one could go up to 6 weeks w/o any suppression, is this correct? Also, how long could one go w/ an a.m. only protocol washing it off at night? Thanks in advance.


Steve: For what it’s worth, I just finished an eight-week morning-only Androsol cycle and had no apparent T suppression. My gains were phenomenal.

Bob, Eight weeks! wow, I dont mean to pry but can you elaborate on what kind of progress you made? Did you shower in the evenings? What kind of diet were you on?

Chief: For clarification, this was my third Androsol cycle, with the two others being six-week morning-only protocols. I didn’t shower in the evening, since I applied the Androsol at ~6 a.m. each morning and I personally believe – correctly, it appears – that an evening shower isn’t necessary after more than 12 hours of elapsed time (i.e., I don’t feel that an evening shower is necessary if the morning application is done before noon). My gains on this cycle were the best yet, being so because (I believe) I overfed mostly with protein while bulking, and I tried to keep my diet fairly strict (I did six weeks of “bulking” and two weeks of “cutting” while using Androsol, followed by two weeks of maintenance calories). I started my Androsol cycle in sync with the second half of a 20-week McRoberts-type intensity cycle, so I was hitting the weights pretty hard by that time. In sum, my lifts were all up by 10-15% – with the exception of the row (my weakest lift) which was up by 8% – and I didn’t lose any strength or muscle mass during the fairly severe cutting portion of my experiment. For me, these are outstanding results; however, I’m going to take a rest from Androsol for a while because I’m beginning to exceed my body’s recovery abilities while “off”, and I think I’m also starting to go beyond my body’s infrastructural capabilities (my joints are beginning to protest the weight). Life’s tough, ain’t it? :slight_smile:

Bob, not to pry even more, but what type of LBM gains did you experience? It does’nt matter if it was 2 lbs or 20, it is just interesting since most people have not experimented with such extended morning only usage. I wonder if it gives better gains that using AM and PM for 2 weeks. It sounds like it might.

PS: During my first six-week cycle, I only gained 2 lbs. of muscle mass (I didn’t eat any extra protein – big mistake – and I freaked out when I gained a bit of water weight and so I cut my calories way too early). During my second six-week cycle, I was a bit more informed about the whole thing, so I ate about 1.5 grams per lb. of bodyweight in protein and I realized that the water retention wasn’t fat gain. Nonetheless, I still didn’t bulk as long as I should of (only three weeks out of six) and I only gained 4 lbs. of muscle mass. On my third and most recent attempt – the eight-week cycle – I sternly told myself to quit being such a wimpy, cautious butthead, and so I ate 2g/lb. of BW in protein, watched my overall diet very carefully (i.e., I didn’t eat any “empty calories”), and ignored the water retention. On that cycle, I gained eight lbs. of muscle mass, a result which I consider outstanding. (I would advise anyone who uses Androsol that they might experience a bit of ab-obscuring water retention and to ignore it. It is not fat gain, and it will go away one to two weeks after the cycle is finished.)

Good work Bob, you have gained 14 lbs or so; prety impressive. I have only done one two week (70 sprays 2x daily) Androsol cycle and gained about 1.5 lbs. I am thinking about trying the extended AM only application next time out. Have you considered the conventional (AM and PM sprays) two week cycle? It would be interesting to see if there is a difference in gains.

Bob, was wondering how many sprays did you use each A.M.

I’m doing a perpetual (forever) morning only cycle

60 sprays (too furry for 70… not 'nuff clear surface area) )after hairdryer treatment after shower, second shower at night (By mandatory T-Vixen request) I’ll let y’all know.

Interesting, seems like you could use it for a while then w/o any worries. Keep us posted. What’s the longest anyone has used Androsol 2X a day?


PS: I’ve never considered the two-apps-a-day protocol because the morning-only one is very convenient for my lifestyle. This is due to the fact that my wife and I like to go out after work, and thus I’d only be able to do the p.m. application very late in the evening and/or on an inconsistent basis. I’d rather stick with a method that I know I can be consistent with and that has been proven to be efficacious (in my case, anyway).

Bombero: After much practice, I can (and do) apply 100 sprays without any residue. I get a bit of overspray (I can see it because I apply Androsol in a closed shower stall), but nothing that could be considered wasteful or even measurable.

Bob, thank you for your feedback, and sorry to bombard you with questions, but these will be the last, I promise. First, it has been a while since you ended your cycle, have you lost any muscle weight and is your natural T still holding up? Secondly, are you using Tribex or anything? It is feedback like your s that can make life easier. Thanks!

You know, on a side note, I work/sleep weird hours sometimes sleeping at 5 AM and awaking at one or two PM. This can also change liek sleeping at midnight and awaking at 9 AM. I wonder if the ‘rules’ for AM only usage changes. I’ll probably have to post this so hopefully Bill Roberts sees it.

PS: Don’t sweat the questions, as that’s the whole purpose of the forum. Let’s see now… First, the numbers I gave were from two to three weeks after usage had stopped in all cases, as it seems to take about 2 weeks to fully lose the androgenic water retention from Androsol use (I’ve never checked my numbers immediately after stopping use). For what it’s worth, I’ve never lost any strength once I’ve gone off Androsol, so I suppose you could interpolate that to say I haven’t lost any muscle mass. Second, my T levels seem to be fine after the cycle, with the usual indicator “holding up” (chuckle) very well. Third, no I haven’t used Tribex yet, mostly because I favor Androsol and I’m trying to stick to a supplement budget. However, I do intend to try a Tribex-only cycle during my next diet phase to see how well it works for muscle retention. (This plan will change if Bill comes out with his new prohormone by then.) Fourth, with regard to your odd schedule, you could always either (1) try a four-week two-a-day application protocol or (2) try an extended one-a-day protocol while making sure to thoroughly shower off the morning – or, more accurately, the early afternoon – application no later than, say, 10 or 11 p.m. Just a suggestion…

Thanks for the comments Bob. I’m going to try the extended AM only cycle but with the Nandrosol. I’d be happy if I literally got half of the gains you did. I will report back progress, although it will be a few months from now until I’m done.

PS: I can’t stress enough the importance of eating enough calories – including a lot of protein (I recommend 2 g./lb. of body weight) – during your cycle, as not doing so was (I believe) the most critical mistake I made during my first cycle. Do this without fail and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your results. Don’t do it and you’ll simply be wasting your money.

Thanks for the advice Bob, but I have a somewhat unique problem. I can’t eat that much protein! Try as I might, I can’t shovel down 300 to 400 grams a day (I weigh 200). Even if I ingest very low fat and simple carbs with the protein. About 1 gram per lb is the best I can do; hopefully that is enough. I think I’ll also post this as a question; I can’t be the only one.